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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 5, May 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Preliminary investigations on the domestication and adaptive breeding of African Bush Fowl (Francolinus bicalcaratus); S O Aro and O F Akinmoladun

  2. A comparative economic analysis of goat production systems in Jordan with an emphasis on water use; J Al-Khaza’leh, C Reiber, R Al Baqain and A Valle Zárate

  3. Early diagnosis of pregnancy in African dwarf goat; F C N Nana, C Tume, Daouda, F K Djitie, A P Zoli and J F Beckers (In French)

  4. Contribution on the characterization of Klila, a traditional cheese in east of Algéria; C Leksir and M Chemmam (In French)

  5. The effects of the protein level from soybean meal and poultry meat meal on the growth of broiler chickens; E S Rohaeni

  6. Typology of feeding strategies for dairy cattle in the semi-arid region of Setif; L M Mansour and K Abbas (In French)

  7. Comparative study of two artisanal fishing units efficiencies (catamaran and trimaran) from the northwest part of Lake Tanganyika: some socio-economic outcomes; Déo Mushagalusa, Jean-Claude Micha, Gaspard Ntakimazi and Nshombo Muderhwa

  8. Cocoa pod husk with enzyme supplementation is a potential feed ingredient in broiler diets; T N Nortey, I Ewusi, L A Kpogo, E O K Oddoye and A Naazie

  9. Production and quality assessment of camel cheese prepared by an immobilized enzyme extract from kaolin layer of chicken gizzard; M Hamidi, A Choukri and A Lahrech (In French)

  10. Effect of stage of growth and processing methods on the nutritional content of Acacia angustissima leaf meal harvested for broiler feeding; Sharai Ncube, Petronella Tapiwa Saidi and Tinyiko Edward Halimani

  11. A survey of pre-weaning calves practise in smallholder dairy farms in Indonesia; Listiari Hendraningsih, C I Sutrisno, A Muktiani and B Sulistyanto

  12. Postharvest handling, opportunities and constraints to honey production in northern Ethiopia; Tewodros Alemu, Eyassu Seifu and Amsalu Bezabih

  13. The beef industry: strategies of actors in the Greater Cheliff region of northern Algeria; M Sadoud and F Chehat (In French)

  14. Prediction of digestibility of some pastoral resources from the Algerian steppe; F Maamri, F Arbouche, D Harek, N Zermane and F Alane (In French)

  15. In vitro assessment of digestibility and rumen fermentation of ammoniated rice straw based beef diet, supplemented with extract of garlic and Sapindus rarak; C H Prayitno, Suwarno and A Susanto

  16. Honeybee production systems in Kewet District of Amhara, Ethiopia; Gebremedhn Beyene

  17. The inclusion of Leucaena leucocephala reduces the methane production in Lucerne heifers receiving a Cynodon plectostachyus and Megathyrsus maximus diet; I C Molina, G Donney`s, S Montoya, J E Rivera, G Villegas, J Chará and R Barahona (In Spanish)

  18. Goat and goat meat markets in selected districts of Malawi: value chain, structure and efficiency; Assa M Maganga, Fanny C Chigwa and Lawrence D Mapemba

  19. Development Agents’ perception about the effect of climate risk on livestock production; Taye Tolemariam, Adugna Eneyew and Fikadu Mitiku

  20. Study of the operation of the agro-forestry-pastoral system in northeastern Algeria by a typology; S Matallah and K Abbas (In French)

  21. Effect of concentrate feeding on the cost effective growth performance of F1 Local x Brahman bulls in Bangladesh; M M Rashid, M A Hoque, K S Huque and A K F H Bhuiyan

  22. Supranutritional vitamin D3 does not affect blood and muscle calcium level, and pre-rigor meat tenderization of spent chicken; A Abd-Hamid, A Q Sazili, K Nakyinsige, A R Alimon, M Z A Ab-Kadir and S A Karsani

  23. Application of geographic information systems in planning technical assistance territorial approach in dairy chain; H Rodríguez, M F Cerón-Muñoz, L G Palacio and G I Bedoya (In Spanish)

  24. Identification of in vitro antimethanogenic potential of native plants from the floodable savanna adapted to dry conditions in the Colombian Orinoco; O M Vélez, R R Noguera, S L Posada, R C Gaona and H S Guerrero (In Spanish)