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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 12, December 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Quality of milk in a traditional milk-cheese chain in the highlands of central Mexico; M Hidalgo-Milpa, E Sánchez-Vera and A Espinoza-Ortega

  2. Effect of maturity on chemical composition of edible parts of Ficus thonningii Blume (Moraceae): an indigenous multipurpose fodder tree in Ethiopia; Mulubrhan Balehegn and Kidane Hintsa

  3. Goat breeding in Lubumbashi (DRC): 1. Principal Component Analysis of linear measurements of local population; H K Kalenga, S Vandeput, N Antoine-Moussiaux, N Moula, J-C K Kashala, F Farnir and P Leroy (In French)

  4. Evaluation of growth characteristics of parental, F1, F2 and backcross chickens from broiler and Black Australorp stocks in Tanzania; W G Munisi, S H Mbaga and A M Katule

  5. Dhofari cattle growth curve prediction by different non-linear model functions; Salim Bahashwan, Abdulla Salim Alrawas, Salim Alfadli and E S Johnson

  6. Prevalence of multiple resistant Haemonchus and Ostertagia species in goats and cattle in Machakos, Eastern Kenya; E O Mungube, L W Wamae, G A Omondi and G Mwangi

  7. Goat breeding in Lubumbashi (DRC): 2. Local kids pre and post weaning growth analysis; H K Kalenga, S Vandenput, N Antoine-Moussiaux, J C K Kashala, N Moula, F Farnir and P Leroy (In French)

  8. Goat breeding in Lubumbashi (DRC): 3. Hybrid kids growth analysis F1 Boer x local breed; H K Kalenga, S Vandenput, N Antoine-Moussiaux, N Moula, J C K Kashala, F Farnir and P Leroy (In French)

  9. Effect of roxazyme G2G supplementation on cassava plant meal fed to broiler chickens; M H Ogunsipe, J O Adejumo, J O Agbede and E K Asaniyan

  10. Evaluation of replacing maize with mango (Mangifera indica) kernel on fertility and hatchability parameters of layer hens; Gebremedhn Beyene, Mebrahtom Niguse, Letebrhan Gebreslasie and Amanuel Berhe

  11. Creating open education resources for teaching and community development through action research: the dairy value chain agribusiness module; A Nkwasibwe, J Mugisha, G Elepu and J B Kaneene

  12. Effect of the incorporation of brewer’s yeast on growth performance and slaughtering products in broiler (Algeria); R Boukhris, F Arbouche and N Moujahed (In French)

  13. Season and stage of lactation affects feed intake of Holstein cows grazing Kikuyo (Cenchrus clandestinus) in Colombia; L J Jaimes, J M Cerón and H J Correa (In Spanish)

  14. Decision making based on process management: impact on intensive dairy systems; M F Cerón-Muñoz, D M Gutiérrez-Zapata, D M Bolivar-Vergara, G I Bedoya and L G Palacio (In Spanish)

  15. Effect of climatic variables on milk yield in Holstein cows; Mauricio Echeverri, Luis Galeano-Vasco, Mario Cerón-Muñoz and Sara María Márquez Girón (In Spanish)

  16. Assessment of antibiotic usage in intensive poultry farms in Wakiso District, Uganda; D Bashahun G M and T Odoch A

  17. The adaptive and coping strategies of pastoralists to climate change in Baringo, Laikipia and Nyeri Counties of Kenya; Margaret Syomiti, E Maranga, G Obwoyere, G Getachew, H Dana, M Beatrice, D Wamae and J Duyu

  18. Limitations to implementing greenhouse gas mitigation actions in livestock systems in Latin America; Ricardo González, María Solange Sánchez, Ngonidzashe Chirinda, Jacobo Arango, Diana María Bolívar, Daniel Escobar, Jeimar Tapasco and Rolando Barahona Rosales (In Spanish)

  19. Design flow for fresh-water fish farming, more than a water budget; I A Sánchez-Ortiz (In Spanish)

  20. A review on cattle foetal wastage during slaughter and its impacts to the future cattle herds in Tanzania; H E Nonga

Short communications

  1. Novel approaches for generating wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) germplasms with improved agronomic traits; S K Basu