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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 29, Number 6, June 2017
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Prevalence and intensity of internal parasites in pigs under indigenous micro-organism (IMO) and conventional piggery farms, greater Mbarara, Uganda; Charles Lagu, Morgan Andama, Sang Lee, Mirieom Park, Andrew Ainomugisha, Alex Ariho, Anke Weisheit and Sarah Tusingwire

  2. Effects of replacing maize bran with sun dried sisal wastes in supplementary diets on growth performance of growing beef cattle; Innocent B Kavishe, Sebastian W Chenyambuga and Ellen S Dierenfeld

  3. Adoption of good practices in honey production in Yucatan, Mexico; E G Martínez González, J Aguilar Ávila, N Aguilar Gallegos, E I García Sánchez, J A Olvera Martínez and H Santoyo Cortés (In Spanish)

  4. New development of feed blocks technology in the Sultanate of Oman; Alaa D Salman, Khalfan M El Shargi, Rashid S Al-Habsi and Talal Al-Sadairi

  5. Immunogenicity of the Newcastle disease virus vaccine La Sota, in introduced birds under intensive and extensive management conditions; Berhanu Abera, Stacey Lynch, Reta Duguma, Tadelle Dessie, Judy Bettridge, Paul Wigley and Rob Christley

  6. Phenotypic variations between wild and farm-reared quails of Kenya; L Wamuyu, M Mberu, T Imboma, V Obanda, B Agwanda, J Lichoti, K J Ngeiywa and S C Ommeh

  7. Seasonal variations in chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and ruminal degradation of browse species in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia; Ahmed Hassen, Zewdu Kelkay Tessema and Adugna Tolera

  8. Physicochemical analysis of raw milk of Prim' holstein cows in the region of Mitidja in Algeria; N A Ouchene-Khelifi, M Lafri, M Ferrouk and N Ouchene

  9. Local silage additive supplementation on fermentation efficiency and chemical components of leucaena silage; Chakrapong Chaikong, Nattanan Saenthaweesuk, Dennapa Sadtagid, Arunrung Intapim and Oanchalita Khotakham

  10. Nutritive value and palatability rating of fifteen selected indigenous Kenyan browse species fed to Small East African goats; J O Ondiek, S A Abdulrazak and E N Njoka

  11. Complementation of commercial feed by green forage of Sulla (Hedysarum flexuosum) to reduce feed costs in fattening rabbit farms; A Mouhous, S A Kadi, L Belaid and F Djellal (In French)

  12. Environmental and genetic factors influencing live weight in males and females of Cuban Zebu cattle breed under performance test; Y Rodríguez Calvo, R E Ponce de León Sentí, S Gómez Camacho and M Rodríguez Castro (In Spanish)

  13. Nutritive value and acceptability by goats of selected indigenous browses from semi-arid areas of Kenya; F Kemboi, J O Ondiek and P A Onjoro

  14. Enteric methane emission factors for lactating Holstein cows in the northern zone of Antioquia - Colombia; R R Noguera and S L Posada (In Spanish)

  15. Comparison of protein and cell wall degradation of selected tropical and temperate roughages; Katini Maaruf and Umar Paputungan

  16. Improvement of the intestinal mucosa, the droppings, bones and growth of broiler chickens by marl; D Ouachem, A Meredef, Z Arfan and O Bennoune (In French)

  17. Prevalence of ecto- and endo-parasitic infections of farmed tilapia and catfish in Nyeri County, Kenya; S K Mavuti, R M Waruiru, P G Mbuthia, J G Maina, J M Mbaria and R O Otieno

  18. A low concentration of rice distillers’ byproduct, or of brewers’ grains, increased diet digestibility and nitrogen retention in native Moo Lath pigs fed ensiled banana pseudo-stem (Musa spp) and ensiled taro foliage (Colocasia esculenta); Bounlerth Sivilai and T R Preston

  19. Effects of ß-glucan, organic acids and probiotic in the diet on growth performance and health status of weanling pigs; Nguyen Thi Thuy