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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 32, Number 2, February 2020
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Broiler performance on a diet containing palm kernel meal fermented with Bacillus subtilis; Mirnawati, Gita Ciptaan and Ferawati

  2. Growth performance of broiler chicken fed diets with increasing levels of leaf meal of Tithonia diversifolia; Bárbara Rodríguez, Lourdes Savón, Ysnagmy Vázquez, T E Ruiz and Magali Herrera (In Spanish)

  3. Fermenting rice bran and maize with Saccharomyces cerevisiae and feeding the fermented product to chickens; Phan Thi Hang, Tran Thi Thu Hong, Tran Sang Tao, Nguyen Hai Quan, Tran Thi Na, Le Duc Thao, Yasuharu Shimamura, Hiroshi Kamisoyama and Duong Thanh Hai

  4. Effect of maize silage and concentrates fed separately or as total mixed ration (TMR) on milk yield of Jersey cows; Habte Abebaye, Ashenafi Mengistu, Berhan Tamir, Getnet Assefa and Fekede Feyissa

  5. Effect of the addition of seminal plasma to the defrosting medium and two insemination moments with frozen semen on the fertility and prolificacy of sows; J C Rodríguez, F G Centurión-Castro, J R Aké-López, J G Magaña-Monforte and J C Segura-Correa (In Spanish)

  6. Random regression models for genetic evaluation of milk yield in the second lactation of tropical dairy goats; B C F Nogueira, H R Oliveira, N O Souza, V S Junqueira, M T Rodrigues, F F Silva and L F Brito

  7. The effect of plastic bags ban on the prevalence of plastic bags waste in the rumen of slaughtered livestock at three abattoirs in Nairobi Metropolis, Kenya and the implications on livestock industry; C N Lange, F Inganga, W Busienei, P Nguru, J Kiema and S Ngeywo

  8. Effect of cassava leaves (Manihot esculenta Crantz), water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica) and Coccinia grandis L. on biomass growth of crickets (Gryllus bimaculatus) fed chicken feed as the basal diet; Bui Phan Thu Hang, Nguyen Van Cop and Vo Lam

  9. Oxalate content of taro (Colocasia esculenta) tubers grown in central Vietnam; Du Thanh Hang

  10. The Dhofari cattle breed; productive and reproductive performance; Salim Bahashwan

  11. In vitro fermentation of maize stover mixed with Xoconostle (Opuntia matudae Sheinvar) and the effect on gas production; J J Espino-García, R G Campos-Montiel, U González-Lemus, M G Torres-Cardona, P Sánchez-Santillán, J J G Peralta-Ortiz and I Almaraz-Buendía (In Spanish)

  12. Morphologic and biometric characterizations of Brown Atlas bulls in Algeria; M Mokhtar Rahmani, M Hamiroune and A Berber (In French)

  13. Growth performance of pigs post-weaning fed a diet supplemented with baby banana (Musa acuminata AA) fruit fermented with yogurt; W Caicedo, Felipe Norberto Alves Ferreira, M Pérez, A Flores and Walter Motta Ferreira (In Spanish)

  14. Relationship between body and testicular measurements in Ouled Djellal lambs before puberty; S Boussena, A Dahmane, S Zerrougui, S Hireche and O Bouaziz

  15. Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) peel as feed for ruminants in Vietnam: Quantification, chemical composition and posibility to make silage; Tran Hiep, Bui Quang Tuan, Le Viet Phuong, Nguyen Hung Sơn, Le Van Ha and Nguyen Xuan Trach

  16. Effect of the season of the year on growth performance of pigs in the West region of Chaco, Argentina; F G Rivas and Maria de los Ángeles Gonzalez

  17. Spirulina platensis powder as replacement of soybean meal in diets for growing pigs; effects on digestibility and nitrogen retention; D E Vitón and J García (In Spanish)