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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 29, Number 4, April 2017
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. The evolution of the short-term sustainability of dairy cattle farms in the periurban zone of Algiers; S Ikhlef, L Ikhlef, F Brabez and Z Far (In French)

  2. The prevalence and causes of mastitis in lactating traditionally managed one-humped camels (Camelus dromedarius) in West Pokot County, Kenya; K C Toroitich, G K Gitau, P M Kitala and G C Gitao

  3. Potential of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) Gray as animal feed; Idalmis Rodríguez García (In Spanish)

  4. Nutritive value of royal palm nut for pigs and factors influencing it; J Ly, Lázara Ayala and E J Delgado (In Spanish)

  5. The equilibrium thinking: challenges related to management of community ranching in East Africa: review paper; Ismail Saidi Selemani

  6. Evaluation of stage of harvest on the chemical composition and in situ ruminal degradability of leaf blade of Ricinus communis L; L A Ramírez, A Del Viento and J M Palma (In Spanish)

  7. Production and chemical composition of maggots from different type of substrates; F Tendonkeng, E Miégoué, J Lemoufouet, M Mouchili, N F Matimuini, A V Mboko, B Fogang Zogang, N N Mweugang, T G Zougou, B Boukila and T E Pamo (In French)

  8. Growth rate and feed conversion were improved, and emissions of methane reduced, when goats fed a basal diet of pigeon wood foliage (Trema orientalis) were supplemented with sun-dried cassava foliage (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) or water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica); Phonethep Porsavathdy, Ho Quang Do and T R Preston

  9. Effect of biochar and biodigester effluent on yield of Taro (Colocasia esculenta) foliage; Bounmay Bouaravong, Nguyen Nhut Xuan Dung and T R Preston

  10. Effect of biochar and partial peeling of stems on soil fertility and germination of Erythrina variegata cuttings; Bounmay Bouaravong, Nguyen Nhut Xuan Dung and T R Preston

  11. Chemical composition, rumen degradation kinetics and in vitro gas production of weeds with forage potential; M Barros Rodríguez, V Rovalino Núñez, O Núñez Torres, R Mera Andrade, J Artieda Rojas, L Vaca Freire, S Curay Quispe, P Ortiz Tirado, J Solorio Sánchez and J Iraola (In Spanish)

  12. The role of the rural farmer in guinea fowl Numida meleagris value chain, a case study of the Tolon district; I I Abdul-Rahman and Y E Adu

  13. Performance evaluation of the disseminated exotic chickens in three agro-Ecologies of North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia; Addis Getu, Tegegn Fantahun, Addisu Hailu and Belete Halie

  14. Modeling of the lactation curve for the main breed types of dairy goats using non-linear models; Y A Blandón, K T Henao, L G González Herrera, H Cardona Cadavid, J D Corrales and S J Calvo (In Spanish)

  15. Retrospective analysis of selected artificial insemination (AI) related practices, maternal factors and success rate of AI in water buffaloes in three rural areas in the Philippines (1998-2015); Adrian P Ybañez, Rochelle Haidee D Ybañez, Alexandra Jane G Fojas, Pamela Laida T Malate, Julius V Abela, Edgar S Nuñez, Johnson T Royo Jr and Ivy Fe M Lopez

  16. Price incentives to milk producers: a case of Uganda; Annuciate Nakiganda, Ahmed Mohamed, Stephen Ojangole and Robert Kaukha

  17. Feed intake, digestibility, body weight change and carcass parameters of black head Somali sheep supplemented with local brewery by-product (Tata) and concentrate mix; Kebede Gelgelo, Getachew Animut and Mengistu Urge

  18. Evaluation of quality beef supply chain efficiency in Tanzania’s niche markets: a case study of Arusha and Dar-es-Salam cities; P P Kamugisha, N S Y Mdoe and L A Mtenga

  19. Hyperthermal-induced stress effects on survival and expression of heat shock protein (HSP) genes in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus fingerlings fed aqueous extract from Moringa oleifera leaf; Gbadamosi O Kazeem, Fasakin E Adedayo and Adebayo O Thomas

  20. Nutrient composition of selected indigenous tree browses in Central Equatoria State of the Republic of South Sudan; J L I Mangara, A Y Guliye, P K Migwi and J O Ondiek

  21. Chemical composition and in vitro gas production of lesser known South Sudan browse species; M T Deng, J O Ondiek and P A Onjoro