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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 6, June 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Oxalate content of different taro cultivars grown in central Viet Nam and the effect of simple processing methods on the oxalate concentration of the processed forages; Hang D T, Binh L V, T R Preston and G P Savage

  2. Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Livestock-Producing Communities of Uganda: Case Studies of Moyo and Kashumba Sub counties; Charles Lagu, Anthony Mugisha and Lee M P K Koma

  3. Supplementary feeding increases live weight gain of Angoni cattle during the dry season in Mozambique; Paula Pimentel, Filipe Vilela, Damiao W Nguluve, James P Muir and Adolfo José

  4. Milk Yield of Ogaden Cattle at Haramaya University, Eastern Ethiopia; Y M Yesihak

  5. Pastoralists’ perception of the impact of East Coast fever on cattle production under extensive management in Northern Rift Valley, Kenya; K A Kipronoh, J M Gathuma, P M Kitala and H K Kiara

  6. Effect of Pond Management on Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) under Small Scale Fish Farming Systems in Morogoro, Tanzania; R H Mdegela, A N Omary, C Mathew and H E Nonga

  7. Enhancing output oriented livestock improvement strategies in drylands of Kenya; A J N Ndathi, M M Nyangito, N K R Musimba and B N Mitaru

  8. Effect of feeding regime on the nutritional status and purine derivative excretion of milking cows; T Seresinhe

  9. Bioprediction of Body Weight from Zoometrical Traits of Non-descript Goats using Linear and Non-Linear Models in North Central Nigeria; A Yakubu, A O Ladokun and M M Adua

  10. Marketing System, Socio Economic Role and Intra Household Dynamics of Indigenous Chicken in Gomma Wereda, Jimma Zone, Ethiopia; M Meseret, D Solomon and D Tadelle

  11. Local use and knowledge validation of fodder trees and shrubs browsed by livestock in Bushbuckridge area, South Africa; R M Chepape, K R Mbatha and D Luseba

  12. Phytobiotics as alternative for antibiotic growth promoters in poultry diets; Mohamed Nabil Alloui (In French)

  13. Effect of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P. Kumm activity on the quality of compost made with Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms-Laubach, and cattle manure; Y A Alomía, E J Peña, A C Bolaños and G X Pedraza (In Spanish)

  14. The market for livestock and red meat in the semi-arid region of Algeria; M Sadoud and F Chehat (In French)

  15. Polymorphism of the casein fractions of milk in Holstein cattle of the Alto de Nariño tropics; C E Solarte Portilla, C Y Rosero Galindo, Y M Eraso Cabrera, G L Zambrano Burbano, D C Barrera, O A Martínez, M L Guerrón and F P Cháves Galeano (In Spanish)

  16. Economic analysis of the viability of smallholder dairy farming in Zambia; C Mumba, K L Samui, G S Pandey, B M Hang’ombe, M Simuunza, G Tembo and S W Muliokela

  17. Socio-economic characteristics and perceptions of cattle keepers and constraints to cattle production in Western Kenya; J O Amimo, S Thumbi, B O Inyangala, J O Junga and R O Mosi

  18. Evaluation of level of inheritance in the growth traits in the Gudali and Wakwa beef cattle breeds of Adamawa, Cameroon; A L Ebangi, G J Erasmus, D A Mbah, C L Tawah and H M Ndofor-Foleng

  19. Characterization of rabbit production in small scale in the area of the volcanoes near Mexico City; J Rivera, H Losada, J Cortés and J Vargas (In Spanish)

  20. Differences in prevalence of trypanosomosis in Nkedi Zebu, Ankole and crossbred cattle under tethering and open grazing management systems in Uganda; J W Magona, J Walubengo and J T Odimim

  21. Hedonic price analysis to guide in breeding and production of Indigenous chicken in Kenya; H K Bett, K J Peters and W Bokelmann