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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 1, January 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Use of hand-made cassava silage as energy source in diets of fattening pigs; R E Almaguel, J L Piloto, E Cruz, C M Mederos and J Ly (In Spanish)

  2. Impact of farmer education on their knowledge attitudes and practices in southern Tanzania: a case for Taenia solium control; H A Ngowi, E M Mkupasi, F P Lekule, A L Willingham III and S M Thamsborg

  3. Zootechnic characterization and genetics parameters of growth traits of japanese quail Coturnix japonica rearing in Algeria; Z Berrama, H Mefti, R Kaidi and S Souames (In French)

  4. Effect of various chemical treated-rice straws on rumen fermentation characteristic using in vitro gas production technique; Pichad Khejornsart and Metha Wanapat

  5. Microbial quality of beef sold on selected markets in the Tamale Metropolis in the Northern Region of Ghana; F Adzitey, G A Teye, W N Kutah and S Adday

  6. Effect of supplemental organic acids on growth performance and gut microbial population of broiler chicken; S Adil, M T Banday, G A Bhat, S D Qureshi and S A Wani

  7. Comparative rumen microbial population in sheep fed Dicantium annulatum grass supplemented with Leucaena leucocephala and Hardwickia binata tree leaves; Sultan Singh and S S Kundu

  8. The local milk production in the policies of the milk industry in Algeria. Case of the wilaya of Souk Ahras; F Mamine, A Bourbouze and F Arbouche (In French)

  9. Influence of male or female headship on the keeping and care of small ruminants: the case of the transitional zone of Ghana; S Duku, L L Price, H Tobi and A van der Zijpp

  10. Estimation of genetic and non-genetic parameters for egg production traits in local strains of chickens; A M El-Labban, M M Iraqi, M S Hanafi and A H Heba

  11. Survey on mastitis risk factors in dairy cattle farms in Eastern Algeria; A Hocine, R Ouzrout and A Laadjama (In French)

  12. Estimation of zebu cattle carcass weight using body measurements; O M A Abdelhadi, S A Babiker and C Kijora

  13. Effect of feeding processed cassava foliage on growth performance and nematode parasite infestation of local goats in Laos; Vanthong Phengvichith and T R Preston

  14. Comparative nutritional evaluation of transgenic cottonseeds containing Cry1C protein for ruminant feeding; Ranjan K Mohanta, K K Singhal, S H Ebrahimi, Y S Rajput and Madhu Mohini

  15. Growth rate and survival rate up to weaning in Nilagiri and Sandyno lambs; R Anilkumar, C Chandrahasan, M Iyue, M Selvaraju and A Manickavasaka Dinakaran

  16. Analysis of socio-economic factors influencing willingness to pay for camel milk in Nakuru district, Kenya; J I Emukule, M Ngigi and A Y Guliye

  17. Potential of pastoralist groups to manage small-stock marketing projects: A case study of groups in Farakoren and Malabot, Marsabit County, Kenya; Michael N Ngutu, Francis K Lelo, Isaac S Kosgey and Brigitte Kaufmann

  18. Sources of variation and genetic analysis of fertility of maiden ewes in an out-of-season management system; M Rekik, I Ben Salem, M Ben Hamouda , R Aloulou and M Ben Sassi

  19. Genetic parameter estimates for body weight and linear body measurements in pure and crossbred progenies of Nigerian indigenous chickens; M A Adeleke, S O Peters, M O Ozoje, C O N Ikeobi, A M Bamgbose and Olufunmilayo A Adebambo

  20. Comparative reduction of oxalates from New Cocoyam (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) leaves by four processing methods; Richard Lumu and Constantine Katongole