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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 6, June 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Study of chemical composition of date wastes and main common varieties of low market value, for use in animal feed; L Boudechiche, A Araba, A Chehma, R Ouzrout and A Tahar (In French)

  2. Comparative in vitro evaluation of mixtures of Panicum maximum cv Ntchisi with stylo (Stylosanthes guianensis), Lablab (Lablab purpureus), Centro (Centrosema pubescens) and Histrix (Aeschynomene histrix); F T Ajayi and O J Babayemi

  3. Addition of wheat bran to the protein supplement in a basal diet of sugar cane "B" molasses for fattening pigs; R E Almaguel, C M Mederos, E Cruz and J Ly (In Spanish)

  4. Effects of handling, confinement and fasting in fresh water of Oreochromis niloticus’s fries on their survival in salt water; Y N Amon, K Yao and M Ouattara (In French)

  5. Management and utilization of browse species as livestock feed in semi-arid district of North Ethiopia; Teferi Aregawi, Solomon Melaku and Lisanework Nigatu

  6. Assessment of germinative potentialities of sahelian forage tree: Maerua crassifolia FORSSK., Capparaceae; S Diatta, I Salifou, M 0 Sy, C Y Kaboré-Zoungrana, M Banoin and L E Akpo (In French)

  7. Performance of indigenous beef cattle under two management systems at Pokuase, Ghana; R Y Baiden and L Duncan

  8. Proportions of morphological fractions of oats (Avena sativa L.) as affected by variety and growth stage; Fekede Feyissa, Adugna Tolera and Solomon Melaku

  9. Acceptability of selected common shrubs/tree leaves in Nigeria by West African Dwarf goats; I Ikhimioya

  10. The effect of breed type and feeding system on yields of edible and saleable components of Somali and Arsi-Bale goats; G Legesse and G Abebe

  11. Effect of age at first calving on lactation and reproduction of dairy cows reared in semi arid region of Algeria; T Madani, H Yakhlef and M Marie

  12. The use of cassava leaf silage as a feed supplement in diets for ruminants and its introduction to smallholder farmers; Marjuki, H E Sulistyo, D W Rini, I Artharini, Soebarinoto and R Howeler

  13. Socio-economic values and traditional management practices of Tarime zebu cattle in Tanzania; E E Ngowi, S W Chenyambuga and P S Gwakisa

  14. Incorporating dried chipped sweet potato roots as an energy supplement in diets for dairy cows: experiences with on-farm dairy cattle feeding in western Kenya; K Otieno, L O Okitoi, P J Ndolo and M Potts

  15. Effect of non-genetic factors on birth weight of Mecheri sheep of India; A K Thiruvenkadan, K Chinnamani, J Muralidharan and K Karunanithi

  16. Date by-products from south-east Algeria: effects of treatment with urea and the mode of storage on their chemical composition and digestibility; F Arbouche et H S Arbouche (In French)

  17. Effect of Calliandra calothyrsus on in vitro digestibility of soybean meal and tofu wastes; E Wina, B Tangendjaja and Dumaria