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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 17, Number 12, December 2005
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Reproductive performances of Fogera cattle and their Friesian crosses in Andassa ranch, Northwestern Ethiopia; G Gebeyehu, A Asmare and B Asseged

  2. The optimization of gas production in tubular plastic biodigesters by charging with different proportions of pig and cattle manure; San Thy, T R Preston, Khieu Borin, Pheng Buntha and Try Vanvuth

  3. Influence of weaning age on the growth performance and survival of weaned guinea pigs; F A Fonteh, A T Niba, A C Kudi, J Tchoumboue and J Awah-Ndukum

  4. The effect of supplementing Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) hay with Acacia tortilis leaves and pods mixture on intake, digestibility and growth performance of goats; S A Abdulrazak, E G Njuguna and P K Karau

  5. Effect of velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) seeds cooked in maize-cob ash solution on the performance of broiler starter chickens; O O Emenalom, V C Orji and N C Ogbonna

  6. Effect of season on milk production and composition from three genotypes under silvo-pastoral conditions; R Hernández Rodríguez (In Spanish)

  7. Comparison of carcass characteristics of Borana and Arsi-Bale goats under different durations of feedlot management; Hailu Dadi, Tatek Woldu and Tesfaye Lema

  8. Benefits from dual purpose goats for crop and livestock production under small-scale peasant systems in Kondoa eroded areas, Tanzania; E J M Shirima

  9. Milk yield in buffaloes in the Colombian Atlantic coast; N Hurtado-Lugo, M Cerón-Muñoz, H Tonhati, A Gutierrez-Valencia and A Henao (In Spanish)

  10. Lactation performance on-station of F1 crossbred cattle in The Gambia; A Diack, F B Sanyang and S Münstermann

  11. Content of macro and micro minerals of deferred forages in silvopastoral traditional fodder banks (Ngitiri) of Meatu district of central north-western Tanzania; C D K Rubanza, M N Shem, S S Bakengesa, T Ichinohe and T Fujihara

  12. Socio-economic effect of livestock operations on their neighbours in Ilorin metropolis, Nigeria: implication for extension programme development; I Ogunlade, O A Adekunle and J A Akangbe

  13. The socio-economic status of smallholder livestock production in Zimbabwe: a diagnostic study; S Chawatama, C Mutisi and A C Mupawaenda

  14. Potential of pasture and forage for ruminant production in Eastern zone of Tanzania; P Y Kavana, J B Kizima, Y N Msanga, N B Kilongozi, B S J Msangi, L A Kadeng'uka, S Mngulu and P K Shimba

  15. The inoculation of microorganisms in composting processes: need or commercial strategy? M Acevedo, L Acevedo, N Restrepo-Sánchez  and C Peláez

  16. Nutritive value and in vitro digestibility of maize stover supplemented with leaves of tropical legume trees (Calliandra calothyrsus, Gliricidia sepium, Leucaena leucocephala, Leucaena trichandra and Leucaena diversifolia); B Boukila, T E Pamo, F A Fonteh, J R Kana, F Tendonkeng and M E Betfiang (In French)

  17. Amount of fallen fodder components from Acacia raddiana, Balanites aegyptiaca and Ziziphus mauritiana available to ruminants in selected Sahelian pastures; H O Sanon, J A Nianogo, N S Nanglem and S Sanou