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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 14, Number 1, February 2002

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Characterization of the productive performance at rustic swine farms located in Ayotzingo, State of Mexico; D Mota, R Ramírez-Necoechea, M Alonso-Spilsbury and A C García-Contreras

  2. Evaluation of polyethylene and PVC tubular biodigesters in the treatment of swine wastewater; Gloria Ximena Pedraza, Julián David Chará, Natalia Elena Conde, Sandra Giraldo y Lina Giraldo (en español)

  3. Utilization by pigs of diets containing Cambodian rubber seed meal; Bun Tean, J  Ly,  Keo Sath and  Pok Samkol

  4. Production performance of backyard chicken under the care of women in Charsadda, Pakistan; M Farooq, N Gul, N Chand, F R Durrani, A Khurshid, J Ahmed, A Asghar and Zahir-ud-Din

  5. Nutritional evaluation of aquatic plants for pigs. Pepsin/pancreatin digestibility of six plant species; J Ly, Pok Samkol and T R Preston

  6. Nutritional evaluation of crop residues for pigs. Pepsin/pancreatin digestibility of seven plant species; J Ly, Pok Samkol, Chhay Ty and T R Preston

  7. Feed consumption and efficiency of feed utilization by egg type layers for egg production; M Farooq,  M A Mian, F R Durrani and M Syed

  8. Seasonal changes in cell wall digestion of eight browse species from northeastern Mexico; J G Moya-Rodríguez, R G Ramírez and  R Foroughbakhch

  9. Effects of mode of supplementation upon milk and growth performances of suckling Creole goats and their kids reared at pasture in Guadeloupe; G Alexandre, J Fleury, O Coppry, H Archimede and A Xandé

  10. Choice of phenotypic (co)variances structure for test day records in Bos taurus x Bos indicus cows under a dual-purpose cattle system; J C Segura and M M Osorio



  1. Weight gain of wintering cows supplemented with citrus pulp; J Navamuel, S Fioranelli, A Capellari, M Revidatti, N Coppo and  J Coppo (en español)




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