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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 8, August 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Nutritive composition of Eragrostis superba Peyr and Cenchrus ciliaris L. collections from the ASALs of Kenya; Everlyne C Kirwa, Kiarie Njoroge, George Chemining’wa and William N Mnene

  2. Dairy production, farming practices and characteristics of milk of dairy cattle farms in mountain areas of Kabylia (Algeria); Boussad Belkheir, Faissal Ghozlane, Mohamed Benidir, Aissam Bousbia, Nassima Benahmed and Salah Agguini (In French)

  3. Genetic characterization of different lines of meat type chicken by microsatellite markers; M B R Mollah, M Asaduzzaman, F B Islam, M G Azam and M A Ali

  4. Effect of dietary energy level on laying performances of local barred-hen; Mube Kuietche Herve, Kana Jean Raphaël, Tadondjou Cyrille D’Alex, Yemdjie Mane Divine Doriane, Teguia Alexis and Defang Henry Fuelefack (In French)

  5. Study of permanent incisor characters in Rembi sheep; Mokhtar Benchohra (In French)

  6. The status of improved beekeeping technologies as resource diversification for addressing climate change risks in Kajiado county, Kenya: constraints and opportunities; Beatrice Mugo, Margaret Syomiti, Dana Hoag and Getachew Gebru

  7. Gir for the Giriama: The case for Zebu dairying in the tropics - a Review; T O Rewe, M G C D Peixoto, V L Cardoso, A E Vercesi Filho, L El Faro and E Strandberg

  8. Different species of lice (Phthiraptera), fleas (Siphonaptera) and ticks (Ixodida) collected from livestock, poultry, reptile and companion animal in Leyte Island, Philippines; Harvie P Portugaliza and Melvin A Bagot

  9. Influence of the rearing period in confinement on performance of mother-hen and her chicks of local hen in Senegal: case of controlled environment; G Nahimana, A Missohou and S B Ayssiwede (In French)

  10. Seroprevalence study of swine brucellosis and knowledge of pig traders and dressers at slaughter facilities in Temeke Municipality of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; C Simon, E D Karimuribo and B M Kessy

  11. Prediction of total milk yield in early lactation of dairy cows using milk composition measures; C Alphonsus

  12. Effect of dietary crude protein level on growth parameters and carcass characteristics of quail (Coturnix sp) at finisher stage in Western Highlands of Cameroon; F Djitie Kouatcho, J R Kana, F Ngoula, N F C Nana and A Teguia (In French)

  13. Effect of processing methods on the utilization of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) leaf meal (CLM) by African catfish (Clarias gariepinus); I U Udo and J F John

  14. Evaluation of sulfur flower in mineralized salts as repellent of ectoparasites (ticks and flies) in crossbred heifers Bos taurus x Bos indicus in the Valley of the Sinu; E M Paternina Durango, L A Maza Angulo, H Medina Ríos, J C Simanca Sotelo and O D Vergara Garay (In Spanish)

  15. Participatory definition of trait preference and pastorals’ indigenous knowledge on goat breeding strategy around Aysaita district, Ethiopia; Feki Misbah, Berhanu Belay and Aynalem Haile

  16. Biomass yield, chemical composition and in-vitro organic matter digestibility of stinging nettle (Urtica simensis) from four locations at three stages of maturity; D Andualem, T Negesse and A Tolera

  17. Ethnoveterinary practices in the control of helminthosis and ticks of livestock amongst pastoralists in Karamoja Region, Uganda; C Byaruhanga, J N Ndukui, S Olinga, G Egayu, P Boma and D Aleper

  18. Additive, heterosis and reciprocal effects on egg production and quality of exotic x indigenous crossbred chickens in Tanzania; W G Munisi, A M Katule and S H Mbaga

  19. Methane production in an in vitro fermentation of cassava pulp with urea was reduced by supplementation with leaves from bitter, as opposed to sweet, varieties of cassava; L T B Phuong, D N Khang and T R Preston

  20. Public policies affecting the development of urban agriculture in Mexico City; H Losada, J M Vargas, J Cortés, L Luna and V Alemán

  21. Growth response, feed utilization and survival rate of Heterobranchus bidorsalis (Geoffroy St; Hilaire 1809) fed varying levels of vitamin C; I U Udo and I B Okon

  22. Amplitude mobility in central Chad and its influence on productivity and livestock management; A B Béchir, K Mian-oudanang, P Grimaud and S Aubague (In French)

  23. Characterization of smallholder pig production systems in four districts along the Uganda-Kenya border; N Nantima, M Ocaido, J Davies, M Dione, E Okoth, A Mugisha and R Bishop

  24. Study of Indonesian Ongole-crossbred cattle production and income over feed cost for supplements of agricultural waste product formulated in the urea palm sugar block; Umar Paputungan, Manopo J Hendrik, Agustinus Lomboan and Kartini Maaruf