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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 7, July 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Phenotypic characteristics of Algerian D'man sheep breed in Adrar oases; A Boubekeur, M T Benyoucef, M Lounassi, A Slimani and M Amiali

  2. Characteristics of milk production in the Cameroonian local rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus); Augustave Kenfack, Bertin Narcisse Vemo, Ferdinand Ngoula, Florence Fonteh Anyangwe, Judith Kegne Chombong, Astride Martine Magnimeza Tsambou and Joseph Tchoumboué (In French)

  3. Genetic and nutrition development of indigenous chicken in Africa; J O Khobondo, T K Muasya, S Miyumo, T O Okeno, C B Wasike, R Mwakubambanya, A M Kingori and A K Kahi

  4. Beef value chains in A2 resettled farms in Zimbabwe: A review; P Nkomboni and S Beekman

  5. Morphometric and physical characteristics of Baoulé cattle in the "Pays Lobi" of Côte d’Ivoire; B Soro, P D Sokouri, G-K Dayo, A S P N’guetta and C V Yapi-Gnaoré

  6. Assessment of feed formulation and feeding level of urban and periurban dairy cows nexus with economic viability in Central Highland of Ethiopia; S Assaminew and M Ashenafi

  7. Effect of some factors on lambs growth performances of the Algerian Ouled Djellal breed; Azdinia Zidane, Abdellatif Niar and Adda Ababou

  8. Productivity of Gudali cattle farms located in the commons of Malancity and Karimama extreme north of Benin; S A Assani, B Assogba, Y Toukourou and I T Alkoiret

  9. Characterization of the dairy cattle in Algeria: the case of Fréha area in Tizi-Ouzou; H Si-Tayeb, A Mouhous and L M Cherfaoui (In French)

  10. Feed utilizable resources availability and utilization in urban and peri-urban areas of Kampala and Mbarara districts, Uganda; H L Taabu and E K Ndyomugyenyi

  11. Milk yield and reproductive performance of pure Jersey dairy cattle in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia; Direba Hunde, Gábor Mészáros, Tadelle Dessie, Getnet Assefa, Million Tadesse and Johan Sölkner

  12. Ghee consumption in Uganda; A Katimbo, J E Sempiira, D J Mugisa and W S Kisaalita (Short communication)

  13. Preliminary analysis of sheep farms production practices in mountain areas of Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria): feeding case; A Mouhous, S A Kadi and F Brabez (In French)

  14. Effects of xylanase and phytase on digestion site of low-density diets fed to weaned pigs; T N Nortey, A Owusu-Asiedu and R T Zijlstra

  15. Effect of breed and non-genetic factors on milk yield of dual-purpose cattle in Ashanti Region, Ghana; I Coffie, S Y Annor, J K Kagya-Agyemang and F R K Bonsu

  16. Socio-economic and technical characteristics of the feed milling sector in West Cameroon: case of Bafoussam and Dschang subdivisions; Tendonkeng Fernand, Djoukang Jeannette, Tchatchoua Toko G E, Miégoué Emile, Lemoufouet Jules, Boukila Benoît and Pamo T Etienne (In French)

  17. Effects of mixtures of coconut and palm kernel oil on the rumen fermentation parameters and microbial population of cattle; O O Adelusi, C F I Onwuka, I O Anifowose, V O A Ojo and K O Yusuf

  18. Risks in milk supply chain; a preliminary analysis on smallholder dairy production; A R Daud, U S Putro and M H Basri

  19. Effects of cassava (Manihot utilissima. Pohl) and moringa (Moringa oliefera. Lam) leaves on nitrogen utilization and growth of sheep on maize (Zea mays) stover based diet; Mulyati, Kusmartono, Hartutik and Rusdi

  20. New method of assessing steppe rangelands in Algeria; Ghamri Abdelaziz Nadir (In French)

  21. A preliminary assessment of the intake and digestibility of maize or soybean meal and water consumption in the local cock subjected to high ambient temperature; N Allouche, Z Dorbane, S Kazi-Aoual and D Boudouma (In French)

  22. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in Brahman crossbred cattle of Bangladesh; M M Rashid, M A Hoque, M A Alim, K S Huque and A K F H Bhuiyan

  23. Integration of cattle and koronivia grass pasture underneath mature coconuts in North Sulawesi, Indonesia; S D Anis, D A Kaligis and S P Pangemanan

  24. Compositional and microbial quality of heat-treated milk brands marketed in Lusaka, Zambia; B Kunda, G S Pandey, C Mubita, J B Muma and C Mumba