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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 6, June 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Growth and carcass components of hair sheep in elevated cages; J G Magaña-Monforte, C J Moo-Catzin, A J Chay-Canul, J R Aké-López, J C Segura-Correa and R C Montés-Pérez (In Spanish)

  2. Landscape heterogeneity influences on sheep habits under extensive grazing management in Southern Patagonia; S Ormaechea and P Peri

  3. Gastrointestinal-parasites infestation in Yankasa sheep in a semi-arid environment; N K Alade and M D Bwala

  4. Performance of she camels under traditional nomadic and semi-intensive management in Sudan; I M M Dowelmadina, I E M E l Zubeir, O H M H Arabi and A D Abaker

  5. Factors affecting daily milk yield and composition during suckling in mountain goats; S Kaskous, S Jawad and A Fadlelmoula

  6. Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L) Schott): biomass yield and nutritive value for pigs; D T Hang, T T X An, L Thuong, N T Loc, V V Hai, T T T Tra, P V Hai and L D Ngoan

  7. Socio-economic and technical characteristics of beef cattle husbandry in the Noun department, West Province in Cameroon; O Boukar, P R Fotso Kenmogne, M Yaya and Y Manjeli (In French)

  8. Seroprevalence and carrier state of Theileria parva in cattle under two tick control regimes in small-holder farming systems of Tanzania; Y E M Kazungu, E Mwega, S I Kimera and P Gwakisa

  9. Dynamics of cyanogens and in-vitro degradability of cassava peels as an indicator of its nutritional value as animal feed; H L Taabu, E K Ndyomugyenyi, D Mutetikka and D Waiswa

  10. Studies on seasonal prevalence of ecto- and endo-parasites in indigenous chicken of Mbeere Subcounty, Kenya; H W Chege, D C Kemboi, L C Bebora, N Maingi, P G Mbuthia, P N Nyaga, LW Njagi and J Githinji

  11. Evaluation of biomass yield and growth performance of alfalfa and oat cultivars in the High Land of Arsi, Ethiopia; C Befekadu and A Yunus

  12. Productivity performance of Tithonia diversifolia in grazing with different rest times during both seasons of year; J Alonso Lazo, G Achang Fraga, L D Tuffi Santos and R Arruda Sampaio (In Spanish)

  13. Effects of environmental factors on milk production of Holstein cows in Souss-Massa region of Morocco; Abdslem Talbi and Said El Madidi (In French)

  14. Typology of cattle farming systems in the semi-arid region of Setif: diversity of productive directions?; Z Far and H Yakhler

  15. Epidemiological study of bovine brucellosis in indigenous cattle population in Kibondo and Kakonko Districts, Western Tanzania; G Y Chitupila, E V G Komba and N J Mtui-Malamsha

  16. Cocoa pod husk is a potential feed ingredient in laying hen diets; T N Nortey, D V Kpogo, A L Kpogo, A Naazie and E O K Oddoye