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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 3, March 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of raw potato (Ipomea batatas L.) meals’ particle size on growth performances of broiler chickens; Kana J R, Doue M, Kreman K, Diarra M, Mube K H, Ngouana T R and Teguia A (In French)

  2. Enhanced in vitro fermentation parameters of guinea grass ecotype ‘A’ (Panicum maximum) and rice straw (Oryza sativa) with supplementation of exogenous fibrolytic enzymes; S Sujani, I N Pathirana and R T Seresinhe

  3. Seasonal variations in the chemical composition and nutritional characteristics of three pastoral species from Algerian arid rangelands; R Mayouf and F Arbouche

  4. Growth performances of the Ouled Djellal lambs raising on cereal stubble in the area of Guelma, Algeria; F Lamrani, Amir Benyounes and A Benyounes (In French)

  5. Protein-enriched cassava root meal improves the growth performance of Moo Lat pigs fed ensiled taro (Colocacia esculenta) foliage and banana stem; Nouphone Manivanh and T R Preston

  6. Effect of source of supplementary dietary protein and feed offer level (ad libitum or restricted) on feed intake, digestibility and N balance in local “Yellow” cattle fed rice straw treated with urea as basal diet; Sangkhom Inthapanya and T R Preston

  7. Factors affecting the reproductive performance of smallholder dairy cows in two regions of Ethiopia; A Tesfaye, L Alemayehu, Y Tefera and A Endris

  8. Performance of Murrah, Surti, Nili-Ravi buffaloes and their crosses in the intermediate zone of Sri Lanka; B Christa Charlini and J Sinniah

  9. Nutritional specificities of some halophytes, eaten by camel, native from Algerians salt ecosystems; I Medila, A Adamou, R Arhab and K Hessini

  10. Economic analysis of natural pasture rehabilitation through reseeding in the southern rangelands of Kenya; J K Manyeki, E C Kirwa, P B Ogillo, W N Mnene, R Kimitei, A Mosu and R Ngetich

  11. Medicated Prosopis spp -based feed blocks- for antihelmintic efficacy and performance of weaner lambs; Margaret Syomiti, H Dana, G Getachew, M Beatrice and D Wamae

  12. Status and factors affecting milk quality along the milk value chain: a case of Kilosa district, Tanzania; E D Karimuribo, P L Gallet, N H Ng'umbi, M K Matiko, L B Massawe, D G Mpanduji and E K Batamuzi

  13. Effect of body weight on milking capacity and weight changes in Rembi ewe; M Benchohra, K Amara, H Aggad, A Boulkaboul, A Y Kalbaza and H Hemida

  14. Morpho-biometrical characterization of local chicken (Gallus gallus) in three agro-ecological zones of Chad; K Hassaballah, V Zeuh, L Y Mopate and M Sembene (In French)

  15. Evaluation in vitro of amino acids lysine and methionine with and without protection against ruminal degradation; M Duque, R R Noguera and M Olivera (In Spanish)

  16. Impact of rainfall on grassland biomass production in the Sahel: a case in Matam Region, Northern Senegal; C Ndiaye, E F Guèye, S Ngom, E H Traoré and L E Akpo (In French)

  17. Effect of complementation of Setaria palidefusca and Imperata cylindrica with Adenodolichos rhomboideus, Stylosanthes guianensis or Leucaena leucocephala on growth of local goats at Lubumbashi; Innocent Tshibangu Muamba, Honoré Kiatoko Mangeye and Jean-Luc Hornick

  18. Effect of water spinach and biochar on methane production in an in vitro system with substrate of Bauhinia acuminata or Bitter Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves; Phonevilay Silivong, T R Preston, Nguyen Huu Van and Duong Thanh Hai

  19. Growth performance of goats was improved when a basal diet of foliage of Bauhinia acuminata was supplemented with water spinach and biochar; Phonevilay Silivong and T R Preston