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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 2, February 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Socioeconomic and technical investigation on family poultry in the Adamawa region of Cameroon; F K Djitie, C Megueni, A Teguia and D L Bitom (In French)

  2. Effect of different levels of matikalai (Vigna mungo) hay supplementation to straw-based diets on feed intake, digestibility and growth rate of indigenous cattle; M S Hossain, M Y Miah, Z H Khandaker and F Islam

  3. Moringa oleifera leaf meal and molasses as additives in grain sorghum based diets for layer chickens; J T Kaijage, S K Mutayoba and A Katule

  4. A repeated drench with soybean oil improves growth and feed conversion of beef cattle fed rice straw supplemented with urea molasses; M J Uddin, K S Huque, S A Chowdhury and Z H Khandaker

  5. Reproductive traits among Black, White and Brown West African Dwarf sheep; A O Fadare

  6. Multiplication of Brachiaria hybrid cv. Mulato planting materials for livestock productivity enhancement (Short communication); R Mwesigwa, J M Kabirizi, R Kajobe, N W Nanyenya and S Mugerwa

  7. Chemical composition and in vitro organic matter digestibility of major indigenous fodder trees and shrubs in Northeastern drylands of Ethiopia; Muluken Girma, Getachew Animut and Getinet Assefa

  8. Socio-economic factors affecting the successful implementation of aquaculture projects in Zimbabwe; a case study of Chivi District; Robert Kudzanayi Gono, John Muzondiwa, Ireen Chihanga and Petronillah Rudo Manhondo

  9. Reproductive efficiency of Bali cattle and its crosses with Simmental breed in the lowland and highland areas of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia; L Wira Pribadi, Sucik Maylinda, Moch Nasich and S Suyadi

  10. Influence of production system on the quality of Gudali beef in Cameroon; F A Fonteh, N M Bawe, N P Tuncha, O W Bessong, M E Muluh and E Piasentier

  11. Characterisation of indigenous chicken production systems in the Sudano-sahelian zone of Cameroon; M T Haoua, C T Keambou, M Y Poutougnigni and Y Manjeli

  12. Distribution and population size of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes (tsetse flies) along the Lake Victoria, for trypanosomiasis management in Tanzania; O Manangwa, J O Ouma, I Malele, A Msangi, F Mramba and G Nkwengulila

  13. Incorporation of sheep milk improves coagulation parameters of cow's milk; B Yabrir, A Mostefaoui, A Hakem, Y Titouche, F Gaucheron and A Mati (In French)

  14. Biochar and biodigester effluent increase the yield of Yardlong bean (Vigna unguiculata) and improve soil properties; Sisomphone Southavong, Khamphisay Khammingsavath and Daochay Xayyavong

  15. A review of productive and reproductive characteristics of indigenous goats in Ethiopia; T Dereje, U Mengistu, A Getachew and M Yoseph

  16. Dual purpose buffalo production in Colombia: lactation curve and weight of calves; M F Cerón-Muñoz and J P Ramírez-Arias (In Spanish)

  17. Nutritional evaluation of leaves of some salt-tolerant tree species by assessing, in vitro, the ruminal microbial nitrogen and fermentation characteristics; M R Al-Masri

  18. Influence of ngitili management on vegetation and soil characteristics in semi-arid Sukumaland, Tanzania; Ismail Saidi Selemani

  19. Mindset of urban and peri-urban dairy cattle keepers in Morogoro, Tanga and Temeke Districts, Tanzania; M R S Mlozi, M M A Mtambo and J E Olsen

  20. Sanitary risk assessment associated to bovines sold and slaughtered in the public slaughterhouse of Bukavu city; R B B Ayagirwe, N P Bisimwa, S G Amzati, F Kulondwa and N Nyongombe (In French)