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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 10, October 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of an intensive silvopastoral system (iSPS) with Tithonia diversifolia on the production and quality of milk in the Amazon foothills, Colombia; J E Rivera, C A Cuartas, J F Naranjo, O Tafur, E A Hurtado, F A Arenas, J Chará and E Murgueitio (In Spanish)

  2. Manure from cattle as fertilizer for soil fertility and growth characteristics of Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea) and Smuts Finger grass (Digitaria eriantha); P E Mosebi, W F Truter and I C Madakadze

  3. Effects of season and location on cattle milk produced and producer milk prices in selected villages of Tanga and Morogoro Regions, Tanzania; Fred J Wassena, Walter E Mangesho, Aluna Chawala, Germana H Laswai, Julius M N Bwire, Abiliza E Kimambo, Ben Lukuyu, Gregory Sikumba and Brigitte L Maass

  4. A review on alternative technologies to manage manure: Cost effective and environmentally beneficial; Ermias Belete and Asrat Ayza

  5. Effects of targeted phase supplementary feeding on gut morphology of scavenging ecotypes of indigenous chickens in Kenya; J K Gakige, A M King’ori, B O Bebe and A K Kahi

  6. Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production in rural area of Algeria, the case of Chemini (Kabylie); N Moula, A Salhi, L Touazi and F X Philippe

  7. Impact of manipulation frequency on growth of the African giant snail Archachatina marginata; K D Kouassi, J-B Aman and F Kouakou (In French)

  8. Bayesian inference of genetic parameters for growth traits in buffalo dual purpose in Colombia; J J Taborda, M F Cerón-Muñoz, D C Barrera, J D Corrales and D A Agudelo (In Spanish)

  9. A procedure for on-farm evaluation of East Coast Fever management in dairy cattle systems: a case of coastal lowlands of Kenya; C B Wasike

  10. Major ectoparasites of cattle in Ada’a district, East Showa Zone, Ethiopia; Tamiru Tilki, Amare Eshetu and Hika Waktola

  11. Pig production in Kichwamba Sub-county, Rubirizi district, Uganda; E K Ndyomugyenyi and J Kyasimire

  12. Assessment of phenotypic traits relevant for adaptation to hot environments in indigenous chickens from four agro-climatic zones of Kenya; G K Moraa, P A Oyier, S G Maina, M Makanda, E K Ndiema, A E Alakonya, K J Ngeiywa, J Lichoti and S C Ommeh

  13. Compositional and sanitary quality of raw milk produced by smallholder dairy farmers in Lusaka Province of Zambia; B Kunda, G S Pandey and J B Muma

  14. Pastoralist livelihoods, resources and strategies in Garissa County, Kenya; P M Mwanyumba, R G Wahome, L MacOpiyo and P Kanyari

  15. Linear weight estimation tapes from predictive models for matured normal feathered Nigerian indigenous chickens; S T Vincent, A Yakubu, O M Momoh and J OEgahi

  16. The effect of diet and feeding system on the on-farm performance of local chickens during the early growth phase; C Nakkazi, D R Kugonza, A Kayitesi, H E Mulindwa and M W Okot

  17. Forage species preferred by dromedaries and their chemical composition in arid rangelands of Algeria; Kaouthar Lakhdari, Mohamed Belhamra and Rabah Mayouf

  18. Rabbit production systems under smallholder conditions in South Kivu, Eastern DRC; V B Mutwedu, R B B Ayagirwe, K T Metre, Y Mugumaarhahama, J M Sadiki and E B Bisimwa (In French)

  19. Characteristics of sheep farms in middle Algerian area steppe in relationship with the aridity of the environment: case of the region of Djelfa; B Yabrir, A Laoun, N S Chenouf and A Mati (In French)

  20. Methane production in an in vitro rumen fermentation is reduced when the carbohydrate substrate is fresh rather than ensiled or dried cassava root, and when biochar is added to the substrate; Bounthavy Vongkhamchanh, Sangkhom Inthapanya and T R Preston

  21. Nutritive value of some important indigenous livestock browse species in semi-arid mixed Mopane bushveld, Botswana; L M Dambe, K Mogotsi, M Odubeng and O E Kgosikoma

  22. Development in the north Algerian Sahara; between development policies and reality; the case of Ouargla, Ghardaia and El Oued; Dadamoussa Med Lakhdar, Senoussi Abdelhakim, Idder Med Azzedine, Belaroussi Med El Hafed, Idder-Ighili Hakima and Boummada abd-Elbasset (In French)

  23. Feeding systems for fattening lambs in agropastoral farming systems in the region of El-Guedid - Djelfa; M Kanoun, J Huguenin, H Yakhlef, A Meguellati-Kanoun, L Julien, S Taugourdeau and A Bellahrache (In French)

  24. Use of sorghum on stepwise substitution of maize in broiler feeds in Niger; Salissou Issa, Sapna Jarial, Nouri Brah, Labo Harouna and Idrissa Soumana

  25. Incidence of foetal wastage in sheep and goats slaughtered at Tanga city abattoir, Tanga, Tanzania; E S Swai, H Ayubu and B S Mhina

  26. Distribution and phenotype of the sheep breed Blue of Kabylia called "Tazegzawt" (Algeria); R El Bouyahiaoui, F Arbouche, F Ghozlane, F Moulla, B Belkheir, A Bentrioua, H Hidra, H Mansouri, M IguerOuada, A Bellahreche and A Djaout (In French)