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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 27, Number 1, January 2015
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of genetic line and sex on growth in guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus); S L Posada, C E Solarte and R R Noguera (In Spanish)

  2. Milk quality from Yak and Zom milk in Bhutan; J Wangdi

  3. Modeling the regrowth of the native Salsola vermiculata L. range species by grazing simulation; Yousfi Mohamme and Azzouzi Blel

  4. Effect of different types of fertilizers on soil fungi in the agroecosystem Bothriochloa pertusa (L); R Pérez Cardozo, M Vertel Morrinson and A Pérez Cordero (In Spanish)

  5. Wet brewers’ spent grains and wet brewers’ spent yeast: problems associated with their usage and suggested solutions: a case study of the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality of Ghana; M Boateng, D B Okai, Y O Frimpong and Y Y Zeebone

  6. Covariance components and genetic parameters for growth traits in a population of "Coastal Costeño con Cuernos" cattle in Colombia; J E Pérez García, A Mitat, G A Ossa Saraz , J C Simanca and O D Vergara Garay (In Spanish)

  7. Supplementing Napier grass (P. purpureum) with Flemingia foliage (F. macrophylla) and rice bran improves mineral status and growth performance of goats; T Fujihara, M Hayashida, E M Cruz and E A Orden

  8. Assessing honey production value chain in Lira Sub-county, Lira District, northern Uganda; E K Ndyomugyenyi, I Odel and B Okeng

  9. Anion-cation balance of diets fed to milking cows in North-East Algeria; L Merdaci and M Chemmam (In French)

  10. Prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal parasites in slaughter pigs at Sanawari slaughter slab in Arusha, Tanzania; H E Nonga and N Paulo

  11. Management of dairy cattle farms in North-eastern Algeria; Loutfi Ghoribi, Charaf Bensari, Zouhir Djerrou, Hadria Djaaleb, Foulla Riachi, Imen Djaaleb and Mohamed El-Hadi Chibat (In French)

  12. Silage characteristics and preference of sheep for wet brewer’s grain ensiled with maize cob; T O Ososanya and O A Olorunnisomo

  13. Tools to quantify livestock production systems in Pastaza province of the Ecuadorian Amazon; D G Benítez Jiménez, J C Vargas Burgos, V Torres Cárdenas, S Ríos, S Soria Rey and H Navarrete (In Spanish)

  14. The performance of Jersey cattle at Naming’omba Tea and Coffee Estate in Malawi; Wilson Nandolo

  15. Hatchability of Deshi, Fayoumi, RIR and Sonali chicken in forced draft incubator and under broody hens in Bangladesh; S S Jahan, M S Islam, M A R Howlider, M J U Sarder, M A Islam and Z M A Hossain

  16. Variation of the chemical composition of milk from Holstein cattle in North-East Algeria; S Matallah, S Bouchelaghem and F Matallah (In French)

  17. Heifer In-trust schemes and incomes of smallholder households in the Highland and Semi-arid regions of Tanzania; M L Msangya, J K Urassa and C P Mahonge

  18. Nutritional value and fatty acid profile of niger (Guizotia abyssinica) plant during its growth cycle; P G Peiretti, F Gai and S Tassone

  19. Carcass quality of F1 Aberdeen Angus x Brahman and Brangus bulls; J Echeverri-Gómez, L F Restrepo-Betancur and L Mahecha (In Spanish)