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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 14, Number 6, December 2002

ISSN 0121-3784




  1. Methods and techniques for the determination of amino acid digestibility: A Review; Khieu Borin, Brian Ogle and Jan Erik Lindberg

  2. Performance, nutrient utilisation and organ characteristics of broiler finishers fed Microdesmis puberula leaf meal; B O Esonu, F C Iheukwumere, O O Emenalom, M C Uchegbu and E B Etuk

  3. The effect of methionine on digestion indices and N balance of young Mong Cai pigs fed high levels of ensiled cassava leaves; J Ly

  4. Growth performance and carcass traits in pigs fed sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (Lam.) L) root meal; C González, Ivonne Díaz, Milagros León, H Vecchionacce, Alexia Blanco and J Ly

  5. Biometric parameters of stingless bee (Meliponinae) colonies on trees cut for lumber in Portuguesa state, Venezuela; Félix A Moreno and Adolfo Cardozo (en español)

  6. Evaluation of the nutritive value of whole cassava plant as replacement for maize in the starter diets for broiler chickens; E O Akinfala, A O Aderibigbe and O Matanmi

  7. Comparative productivity, profitability and energy use in Organic, LEISA and Conventional rice production in the Philippines; T C Mendoza

  8. Digestibility studies in growing pigs fed diets based on full-fat rubber seeds or soya beans supplemented with water spinach; Pok Samkol, Pech Sovanno, T R Preston and J Ly

  9. Feedlot performance of various breed groups of cattle fed low to high levels of roughage; D Norris, J Macala, J Makore and B Mosimanyana

  10. Protein level and amino acid supplementation in pigs fed sugar cane molasses. Growth performance and carcass traits; Carmen María Mederos, J M Pérez Valdivia, J L Piloto, E Alemán and Rosa María Martínez



  1. Effect of water sources and ascorbic acid supplementation on egg quality and production parameters of laying hens; Kolapo M Ajuwon, Opes Matanmi and Olajumoke C Daniyan

  2. A note on acceptance of duck as table-meat among inhabitants of selected communities in the Niger Delta zone, Nigeria; O M  Adesope and  M B Nodu

  3. A note on the effect of molasses/urea lick blocks  on the production of milk and corporal conformation of dairy cows maintained in the urban environments of Iztapalapa, Mexico City: A case study; L Arias, M López, H Losada, J Cortés, J Vieyra, R Soriano and D Grande




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