Volume 9, Number 4, September 1997

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effects of restricted suckling versus artificial rearing on performance and fertility of crossbreed F1(Holstein Friesian x Local) cows and calves in Vietnam; Mai Van Sanh, T R Preston and Le Viet Ly

  2. Cattle behaviour as an indicator of animal welfare in the dairy systems of Iztapalapa, Mexico City; H Losada, J Vieyra, J Rivera, H Martínez, R Pealing, J Cortés and L Arias

  3. In vitro gas production and washing losses of tropical crop residues for ruminants and pigs; J Ly, Nguyen Van Lai, Lylian Rodríguez and T R Preston

  4. Nutritive value of leaves from tropical trees and shrubs: 1. In vitro gas production and in sacco rumen degradability; Brenda Keir, Nguyen Van Lai, T R Preston and E R Orskov

  5. Nutritive value of leaves from tropical trees and shrubs: 2. Intake, growth and digestibility studies with goats; Brenda Keir, Dinh Van Bien, T R Preston and E R Orskov

  6. Tree mixtures within integrated farming systems; Mauricio Rosales and Margaret Gill

  7. Trichanthera gigantea (Humboldt & Bonpland.) Nees: A review; Mauricio Rosales

  8. Effect of planting season and type of fertilizer on biomass yield and quality of sugar cane; results for two years; Nguyen Thi Mui, T R Preston, Dinh van Binh, Le Viet Ly and Ngo Tien Dzung

  9. Feeding urea treated barley straw to growing Friesian heifers; M Hadjipanayiotou, S Economides, G Kyprianou, I Antoniou and A Photiou

  10. Milking swamp buffaloes in villages in the Mekong delta of Vietnam; Nguyen van Thu

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