Volume 9, Number 3, July 1997

ISSN 0121-3784



  1. A study of feed degradability and rumen environment of swamp buffaloes; Nguyen van Thu

  2. An approach to the estimation of washing losses in leaves of tropical trees; J Ly and T R Preston

  3. Exotic hens under semi-scavenging conditions in Bangladesh; Mahfuzar Rahman, Poul Sorensen, Hans Askov Jensen and Frands Dolberg

  4. A study of washing losses and in vitro gas production characteristics of nine leaves from tropical trees and shrubs for ruminants; J Ly, Nguyen Van Lai and T R Preston

  5. Impact of smallholder livestock development project in some selected areas of rural Bangladesh; Jahangir Alam

  6. Feeding urea treated barley straw to lactating Friesian cows; M. Hadjipanayiotou, S. Economides, G. Kyprianou, I. Antoniou and A. Photiou

  7. The rapid appraisal of the geographical influence of the market of Xochimilco in the south-east of Mexico City; H Losada, R Pealing, R Soriano, J Rivera, J Cortés, J Vieyra and H Martínez

  8. The keeping of poultry and pigs in the backyards of the urbanised areas of Iztapalapa (east of Mexico City) as a proposal for sustainable production; H Losada, R Pealing1, J Cortés and J Vieyra

  9. Responses of four varieties of sugar cane to planting distance and mulching; Nguyen Thi Mui, Thomas R Preston and Ingvar Ohlsson

  10. On-farm evaluation of planting distance and mulching of sugar cane; Nguyen Thi Mui, Ngo Tien Dung, Dinh Van Binh and Thomas R Preston

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