Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 7, Number 3, December 1995



  1. Replacing soya bean meal with cassava leaf meal in cassava root diets for growing pigs; Bui Huy Nhu Phuc, Nguyen van Lai, T R Preston, B Ogle and J E Lindberg

  2. Use of duckweed (Lemna spp) as replacement for soya bean meal in a basal diet of broken rice for fattening ducks; Bui Xuan Men, Brian Ogle , T R Preston

  3. A chick assay method for the evaluation of non-conventional protein sources derived from nacedero (Trichanthera gigantea) and azolla (Azolla filiculoides); Patricia Sarria & T R Preston

  4. Influence of microbial fermentated straw on intake and growth rate in young beef cattle; Zhang Weixian, Yuan Jingka, Tian Hongli & S Tamminga

  5. The kinetics of fibre digestion, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen utilization of low quality roughages as influenced by supplementation with urea-mineral blocks; Yao-Ming Wu and Jian-Xin Liu

  6. Effect of replacing whole boiled soya beans with azolla in the diets of growing ducks; Maricel Becerra, T R Preston and B Ogle

  7. Comparison of the nutritive value and economic benefit of straw treated with urea or anhydrous ammonia at different levels of supplementation; Zhang Weixian

  8. Effect of replacing whole boiled soybeans with duckweed (Lemna sp) in the diets of growing ducks; M Becerra, B Ogle, and T R Preston

  9. Guinea grass or sugar cane tops supplemented with concentrates or Acacia mangium, molasses-urea blocks and rice bran for dual purpose goats; Dinh Van Binh and T R Preston

  10. Lombriz roja californiana y azolla-anabaena como sustituto de la proteina convencional en dietas para pollos de engorde; Lylian Rodríguez, Patricia Salazar & María Fernanda Arango

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