Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 7, Number 2, December 1995



  1. Studies on the use of dried pressed sugar cane stalk and fresh peeled sugar cane stalk for rabbits; Nguyen Quang Suc, Dinh Van Binh, Le Viet Ly & T R Preston

  2. Alimentación post-destete de ovinos pelibuey con miel "B", heno y mezclas basadas en derivados de la caña de azúcar; Redimio M Pedraza, Carlos Mauriño, Jorge E Gómez, Viviane Valdés & Aldo Chaviano

  3. Research, extension and training for sustainable farming systems in the tropics; Thomas R Preston

  4. Biomass production of some leguminous shrubs and trees in Vietnam; Ngo van Man, Nguyen van Hao & Vuong minh Tri

  5. Conserving biodiversity and the environment and improving the well-being of poor farmers in Cambodia by promoting pig feeding systems using the juice of the sugar palm tree (Borassus flabellifer); Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  6. Effect on production of sugar cane and on soil fertility of leaving the dead leaves on the soil or removing them; Phan Gia Tan

  7. The effects of urea-mineral lick blocks on the liveweight gain of local yellow cattle and goats in grazing conditions; Jian-Xin Liu, Yao-Ming Wu, Xu-Ming Dai, Jun Yao, Ying-Ya Zhou & Yu-Juan Chen

  8. Effect of supplementing rice straw with urea and glyricidia forage on intake and digestibility by sheep; K. K. Pathirana & E R. Orskov

  9. The role of zambian cattle populations in socio-economic development; Chindo Hicks

  10. Effect of protein supply in cassava root meal based diets on the performance of growing-finishing pigs; Liliana Ospina, T R Preston & B Ogle

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