Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 5, Number 2, September 1993



  1. The use of sugar cane juice and molasses in the diet of growing pigs; Bui Huy Nhu Phuc

  2. Criterios de selección y pautas para el adiestramiento de animales de trabajo; Walter F Galindo

  3. Manipulation of the broody period to increase egg production of indigenous hens under rural conditions in Bangladesh; Sazzad M Hossain

  4. Effect of the replacement of steam treated sugar cane bagasse by milo on ruminal fermentation in bovines and in vivo digestibility in sheep; Sergio Raposo de Medeiros and Paulo Fernando Machado

  5. Effect of the replacement of steam treated sugarcane bagasse by milo upon performance of finishing cattle; Sérgio Raposo de Medeiros e Paulo Fernando Machado

  6. Evaluation of Sapindus saponaria as a defaunating agent and its effects on different ruminal digestion parameters; Diaz A, Avendano M and Escobar A

  7. Effect of supplementation with a tree legume forage on rumen function; Alberto Navas-Camacho, Max A Laredo, Aurora Cuesta, Hector Anzola and Juan C Leon

  8. Influence of multinutrient blocks on liveweight gain of young bulls grazing sorghum stubble during the dry season; R Ricca and J Combellas

  9. "A" Molasses in diets for growing pigs; Bui Huy Nhu Phuc and Luu Trong Hieu

  10. Evaluación del potencial de desperdicios procesados en la ceba de cerdos; Vilda Figueroa, A García y E Alemán

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