Livestock Research For Rural Development

Volume 4, Number 2, October 1992



  1. Niveles de mancha y afrecho de yuca (Manihot esculenta) como fuente energetica en la dieta de patos pekin (Anas platyrhyinchos); Julián D Chará

  2. Effect of position in the tree and pretreatment of Acacia mangium leaves on rumen dry matter and nitrogen degradabilities; An Xuan Bui, Hieu Trong Luu, Khang Nguyen Duong and T R Preston

  3. Effect of restricted suckling on performance of shorthorn and sahiwal cows and calves in Pakistan; M F Khan and T R Preston

  4. Comportamiento reproductivo de un hato de vacas Holstein en el noreste de Mexico; Ricardo Ramírez Gómez y José C Segura Correa

  5. Progress in the utilization of urea-ammonia treated crop residues: biological and socio-economic aspects of animal production and application of the technology on small farms; Frands Dolberg

  6. Molasses-urea block (MUB) and Acacia mangium as supplements for crossbred heifers fed poor quality forages; Bui Xuan An, Ngo Van Man, Luu Trong Hieu

  7. Oil-rich fibrous residue from african oil palm as basal diet of pigs; effects of supplementation with methionine; Ocampo Alvaro

  8. Influence of fish meal and dehydrated brewers grains on intake, live-weight gain and rumen digestion of growing cattle consuming fresh cut forage; Arelys Reaño, A Meléndez, J Márquez and J Combellas

  9. Effect of Leucaena leucocephala and Brassica napus on growth of pigs fed wheat bran diets; J P Muir, E S Massaete and H N Tsombe

  10. Influence of multinutrient blocks on intake and rumen fermentation of dry cows fed basal diets of Trachypogon sp and Cynodon plectostachyus hays; D Mata and J Combellas

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