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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 34, Number 12, December 2022
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Seasonal feeding behavior of goat kids browsing in Mediterranean forest rangeland of Bouhachem Natural Park, Northern Morocco; Youssef Chebli, Hamza Boulaich, Mouad Chentouf and Samira El Otmani

  2. Partial replacement of balanced feed by Sambucus peruviana forage in cows dairy farms: case study in the high Andean zone in Colombia; C Durana, J J Lopera-Marín, A Coronado, E Murgueitio and A Galindo (in spanish)

  3. Approach to bovine genomic selection for animal improvement in Cuba: Challenges and perspectives; Dervel Felipe Díaz Herrera, Anel Ledesma and Odalys Uffo Reinosa

  4. Forest and livestock in the Arid Chaco ecosystem: A Review; Ricardo Ayerza (h)

  5. Performance and lipid profile of growing pigs fed Vernonia amygdalina and Jathropha tanjorensis leaf meal supplementation; Ekpo J S and Okon U M

  6. Evaluation of simple feeding technology on growth and feed efficiency of tilapia in cage aquaculture at South Kalimantan, Indonesia; Mijani Rahman, Herliwati and Ika Sumantri

  7. Supplementing the diet of growing cattle with yeast-fermented rice (YFR) increased the production of rumen propionate, decreased emissions of methane and improved growth and feed conversion; Nguyen Van Thu, T R Preston and R Leng

  8. Effect of galangal essential oils on enzyme activity and nutrient digestibility in in vitro rumen fermentation; Dewi Ratih Ayu Daning, Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Chusnul Hanim, Muhlisin and Lies Mira Yusiati

  9. The effect anaerobic co-digestion Kans grass (Saccharum spontaneum) and dairy cow manure on biogas digester performance; Eddo Azhar Mahardhika, Vina Maulidatul Hikmah, Sutaryo Sutaryo and Agung Purnomoadi

  10. Effects of supplementation with graded levels of lablab (Lablab purpureus) hay on feed intake, digestibility, live weight change and carcass characteristics of Tikur sheep fed tef (Eragrostis tef) straw; Kassahun Shibeshi, Yayneshet Tesfaye and Tassew Mohammed