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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 32, Number 7, July 2020
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Soybean foliage Glycine max (L.) for growing goats in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam; Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, Nguyen Van Khanh and Nguyen Thi Ngoc Trang

  2. In vitro digestibility and ruminal fermentation profile of pangola grass (Digitaria decumbens) supplemented with crude palm oil protected by sodium hydroxide; Wulandari, Budi Prasetyo Widyobroto, Cuk Tri Noviandi and Ali Agus

  3. Nutrient analysis of common local feed ingredients used by swine farmers in Cambodia; Samorn Sreng, Bunna Chea, Kroesna Kang, Sath Keo, Mike D Tokach, Lisa M Tokach, Lyda Hok, Jessie L Vipham and Joel M DeRouchey

  4. Influence of forage quality on ruminal degradation kinetics of feedlot diets for lambs formulated according to neutral detergent fiber; Constantino Raymundo-Hernández, Jaime Salinas-Chavira, Miguel Ángel Domínguez-Muñoz and Miguel Ángel Guevara-Guerrero

  5. Chemical, physical and microbiological characterization of fermented feed for use in animal production; Yaneisy García Hernández, Dailyn Sosa Cossio, Lilian González González and Julio César Dustet Mendoza (In Spanish)

  6. Potential of Carica pubescens fruit peel as an alternative method to control Haemonchus contortus in small ruminants; Z A Baihaqi, I Widiyono and W Nurcahyo

  7. Using Ovsynch versus Select Synch protocols in cows in Algerian dairy farms; A Noui, A Boucif and O Bousta

  8. Oxidative stability and spermatozoa kinetics of Cock semen in pineapple juice based diluent; O A Jimoh, M O Akinola, E S Ayedun, S O Ayodele, S I Omoniyi, B J Kolawole, O A Ademola and A G Lawal

  9. Effects of replacing concentrates with Atella (a byproduct of local beer) on growth performance of Hararghe Highland sheep in Ethiopia; Ayfokir Tadesse, Mengistu Urge and Meseret Girma

  10. Effect of duck-rice-Azolla integration on growth performance and carcass quality of native Malawian Muscovy ducks; Pilirani Chisemb, Liveness J Banda and Jonathan Tanganyika

  11. Dietary supplementation with goat weed leaf (Ageratum conyzoides) improves growth performance, haematological parameters and attenuates pathological-induced stress in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fingerlings; Oluyemi K Gbadamosi and Olamide S Olanipekun

  12. Retrospective study on kid mortality and associated risk factors of kid survival of newly introduced Boer goat breed in North Shewa Ethiopia; E Alemnew, E Yitagesu, S Goshme and D Aydefruhim

  13. Use of Pistia stratiotes in diets of Kampong chicken; Agus Setiadi, Siswanto I Santoso, Suryani Nurfadillah, Kadhung Prayoga, Edjeng Suprijatna, Teysar A Sarjana and Hadi Sasana

  14. Efficacy of a native isolation of Metarhizium anisopliae (TI6301) for the control of adult ticks (Rhipicephalus microplus) under in vitro conditions; S Valle, W Caicedo and L Masapanta (In Spanish)

  15. Fatty acid profile in Longissimus dorsi muscle and gene expression associated with lipid metabolism in Mexican pelón pigs and Landrace-Yorkshire pigs; D Dzib-Cauich, C Lemus-Flores, J O Bugarín-Prado, M A Ayala-Valdovinos and V M Moo-Huchin (In Spanish)

  16. Endozoocoria in cattle, route for the dissemination of tree seeds and restoration of pastures; Y Sardiñas, A Del Viento, M Herrera and J M Palma (In Spanish)

  17. Use of the sweet potato tuber (Ipomoea batatas L.) and the Lactobacillus pentosus LB-31 strain as additives to mixed silages for ruminants; R Rodríguez, Y Ontivero, Y García, D Sosa and S Gómez (In Spanish)

  18. Evaluation of the fruit of Roystonea regia as feed for broilers; Bárbara Rodríguez, Madeleidy Martínez-Pérez, Yesenia Vives, Lázara Ayala and Osney Pérez (In Spanish)

  19. The effect of feeding leguminous tree foliages on performance of goats fed basal diets of grass and crop residues; M I Okoruwa

  20. The effect of replacing maize with fermented palm kernel meal (FPKM) on broiler performance; Danung Nur Adli, Osfar Sjofjan, Muhammad Halim Natsir, Yuli Frita Nuningtyas, Nisa’us Sholikah and Agatha Chistrin Marbun