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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 32, Number 11, November 2020
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Optimal inclusion level of termite meal replacing fish meal in broiler diets; B Mali, S Okello, M Ocaido and A S Nalule

  2. Effects of replacing maize with different sorghum varieties on laying performance and egg quality of White Leghorn hens; Gemechu Abera, Mengistu Urge and Meseret Girma

  3. Intake, growth and carcass composition of defaunated and faunated lambs consuming oaten chaff based diet supplemented with nitrate as a source of non-protein nitrogen; Son Hung Nguyen and R S Hegarty

  4. Characterization of nine composts based on vegetative and livestock residues in the Condebamba Valley in the Peruvian Northern Andes; Manuel Paredes Arana, José Mantilla Guerra, David Vilca Bardales and Luis Vallejos Fernández (In Spanish)

  5. Diversity and richness of birds in different pastoral alternatives for milk production in the tropics; J Alonso, O Torres, G Achang, P Blanco, B Sánchez, R Pinto and C Villanueva (In Spanish)

  6. Effect of cassava pulp substituting maize on the growth performance and haemato-biochemical attributes of broiler chickens; N O Oyewole, S A Akinyele and M H Ogunsipe

  7. Cost-effective biosecurity and management in small commercial broiler farms in Indonesia; Alfred Kompudu, Erry Setyawan, Ady Hardja Sukarno, Duwi Pudji Ning Asih, Yulia Rinahayu, Ninik Windianingsih, Hery Darmawan, Imas Yuyun, Luuk Schoonman, James McGrane and Ian Patrick

  8. The effect of three different feather genotypes on the laying performance of two lines of layer parents; D Addison, O S Olympio, K Adomako, G Aryee and J A Hamidu

  9. Abundance of Heteropsylla cubana population and its natural enemies in Leucaena leucocephala agroecosystems; Nurys Valenciaga Valdés, T E Ruiz Vázquez, L Ramirez-Avilés and D Parsons

  10. Replacing fish meal with locally available feed ingredients to reduce feed costs in cultured Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus); Francis Pius Mmanda, Torbjörn Lundh, Anna Norman Haldén, Matern S P Mtolera, Rukia Kitula and Jan Erik Lindberg

  11. Food security of livestock products in the pandemic of Covid-19 in Indonesia; Sutawi, David Hermawan and Asmah Hidayati

  12. Evaluation and characterization of semen quality in rams of Menz, Dorper and Awassi crosses in different seasons in Ethiopia; S Goshme, S Banerjee, M Rekik, A Haile, E Yitagesu and T Getachew

  13. Native chicken production in India: present status and challenges; S Haunshi and U Rajkumar

  14. Factors influencing the growth of Ouled Djellal "Hodna type" lambs in the wilaya of Setif (Algeria); A Baa, Y Bara, L Ben Laalam and W Bensbaa (In French)

  15. Seminal plasma inclusion during boar semen freezing improves post-thaw sperm quality in the tropics; M F Yoval-Montemira, Centurión Castro, R Ake-Villanueva, J G Magaña-Monforte, M Bottini-Luzardo and J C Segura-Correa

  16. Effect of silvopastoral systems on biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services in tropical agro-landscapes; Ana M Chará-Serna and Julián Chará (In Spanish)