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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 30, Number 6, June 2018
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effects of essential oils on methane production in an in vitro rumen fermentation of vetch-oat hay; H Bouchiha, S Malouk, K Bouchama and A Acidi

  2. Genetic parameters for measures of longevity in Kenyan Sahiwal cattle; B M Musingi, T K Muasya and A K Kahi

  3. Effect of season and height remaining after grazing on growth and nutritional quality of kikuyu grass (Cenchrus clandestinus) in north of Antioquia; Héctor Jairo Correa C, Luis Fernando Escalante R and Ligia J Jaimes C (In Spanish)

  4. Preliminary study on the mortality of calves aged from 0 to 90 days in Tiaret area Western Algeria; N L Smail, L Rezali and S A Abdelhadi (In French)

  5. High cassava peel meal-based diets with animal fat and enzyme for broilers; Avinesh Dass Dayal, Siaka Seriba Diarra, Sony Lameta, Ashika Devi and Falaniko Amosa

  6. Paradigm shifts in rangeland communities’ livelihoods activities as coping strategies to climate variability and restricted mobility; D Tumusiime, A S Nalule and S Nalubwama

  7. Importance of some antibiotic residues in cow's milk in Algeria. Case of the M'sila wilaya; E H Debeche, F Ghozlane and T Madani (In French)

  8. Renewable energy for livestock development; Osney Pérez Acosta (In Spanish)

  9. Effect of nucleotide polymorphism of candidate genes on egg production traits in native Lien Minh chicken; Tran Thi Binh Nguyen, Nguyen Huu Duc, Vu Cong Quy, Hoang Thi Yen, Ta Thi Loan, Dinh Thi Ngoc Thuy, Vu Thi Tien and Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy

  10. Effect of morphological quality of the oocyte at vitrification on in vitro maturation and fertilization capacity; J R Aké Villanueva, J R Aké López, E A Ordoñez León, N Y Aké Villanueva, J L Gerónimo Jiménez and J C Segura Correa (In Spanish)

  11. Production systems, phenotypic and genetic diversity, and performance of cavy reared in sub-Saharan Africa: a review; R B B Ayagirwe, F Meutchieye, Y Manjeli and B L Maass

  12. The effect of essential oils of Tagetes minuta and Tithonia diversifolia on on–host behaviour of the brown ear tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus; W Wanzala, A Hassanali, W R Mukabana and W Takken

  13. Ensiling of fresh cassava root pulp and fresh soybean pulp with or without rice bran; L Taysayavong, E Ivarsson and J E Lindberg

  14. Prevalence, control and risk factors associated with rabbit mange in Kiambu and Nyeri counties, Kenya; J Chebet, R M Waruiru, K O Ogola, P K Gathumbi, P O Okumu, M Wanyoike and G O Aboge

  15. Tick population on large and small ruminant species in the Port-Bouët cattle market in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; G L Yao-Acapovi, J F Mavoungou and S L Sevidzem

  16. Incorporation of 40% brewer's grain in fattening rabbit diet: effect on growth performance, slaughter characteristic and economic efficiency; Z Harouz-Cherifi, S A Kadi, A Mouhous, M Berchiche, C Bannelier and T Gidenne (In French)

  17. Rice distillers’ byproduct and biochar as additives to a forage-based diet for growing Moo Lath pigs; effects on growth and feed conversion; Bounlerth Sivilai, T R Preston, R A Leng, Du Thanh Hang and Nguyen Quang Linh

  18. Effect of wilting, chopping length and different levels of maize bran on grass silage quality; B J Lyimo, E J Mtengeti, N A Urio and E N Demanisho