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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 30, Number 5, May 2018
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of Uncaria tomentosa aqueous extract on biochemical and hematological profiles and live performance parameters in broiler chickens; Daniel Paredes López, Rizal Robles Huaynate, Chris Sandoval Cueva and Manuel Sandoval Chacón

  2. Rangeland condition and livestock carrying capacity under the traditional rotational grazing system in northern Tanzania; Anthony Z Sangeda and David D Maleko

  3. Effect of variety, soil type and harvest interval on biomass yield and soluble and insoluble oxalates in taro (Colocasia esculenta L.) foliage; Du Thanh Hang, Phan Vu Hai and Geoffrey Savage

  4. Germination of seed of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) Gray derived from plants growing in the central-western region of Cuba; T E Ruiz, G Febles, G Achan, H Díaz and J González (In Spanish)

  5. Estimation of genetic parameters for probability of calving up to 39 months of age, stayability and scrotal circumference in Nelore cattle; S Kluska, L O C Silva, F M Costa Maia, D L Lourenco, T E Stivanin, F Baldi, E Peripolli and E N Martins

  6. Study of wool characteristics in the Tazegzawt sheep breed; R El Bouyahiaoui, B Belkheir, N Belkheir Ben Ahmed, F Moulla, M Bensalem, F Arbouche and F Ghozlane (In French)

  7. Vocalizations as an indicator of pregnancy in local domestic rabbit does: preliminary study; I Ilès

  8. Growth of beef cattle fed palm kernel meal on a feedlot in Papua New Guinea; Alex Nugi and Gariba Danbaro

  9. Characterization of dairy farms with mechanical milking in Antioquia, Colombia; Oscar David Múnera Bedoya, Laerte D Cassoli, Martha Olivera Ángel and Mario Fernando Cerón Muñoz (In Spanish)

  10. Effect of Psidium guajava essential oil on the in vitro digestibility of Pennisetum clandestinum; J Lemoufouet, F Tendonkeng, E Miegoue, H W Mekuiko, B Fogang, N E F Matumuini, G Tchelibou and T E Pamo (In French)

  11. Amaranth in animal nutrition: A review; P G Peiretti

  12. Effect of some blood metabolites on the conception risk of Montbeliard cows; F Chacha, Z Bouzebda, F Afri-Bouzebda, D Gherissi, R Lamraoui, A Djaout and C Mouffok

  13. Vegetative propagation of Tithonia diversifolia with indolebutyric acid; Alex Marciano dos Santos Silva, Leandro Diego da Silva, Márcia Vitória Santos, Priscila Junia Rodrigues da Cruz and Miranda Titon (In Portuguese)

  14. Carcass and meat of small ruminants grazing in caatinga supplemented with multi-nutritional blocks; M A Cordão, M F Cézar, M G G Cunha, W H de Sousa, J M Pereira Filho, R C R E Queiroga, A S M Batista, M S Madruga and R C Ferreira

  15. Chemical composition, nutritive value and rumen methane potential of some legume tree pods; A I Atalay, C O Ozkan, E Kaya, A Kamalak and O Canbolat

  16. Effect of biochar and water spinach on feed intake, digestibility and N-retention in goats fed urea-treated cassava stems; Le Thi Thuy Hang, T R Preston, R A Leng and Nguyen Xuan Ba

  17. Improving nutritive value of cassava root (Manihot esculenta Crantz) by fermentation with yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), urea and di-ammonium phosphate; Nouphone Manivanh, T R Preston, Le Van An and Tran Thi Thu Hong