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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 30, Number 4, April 2018
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Biochar as amendment to soil growing cassava for foliage; Outhomphone Senviset and T R Preston

  2. Effect of carob kibbles on the growth performance and chemical composition of mirror carp (Cyrinus carpio) fingerlings; H M Buyukcapar, M Ozcan, N Coban and A Kamalak

  3. Effect of Oregano oil on growth performance, rumen fermentation parameters and blood metabolites of growing lambs; O Canbolat, I Filya and A Kamalak

  4. Optimum amount of inoculum for anaerobic digestion of cassava waste; Edith Nazo Kpata-Konan, Théophile Gnagne, Francis Yao Kouamé, Félix Koffi Konan, Martin Kouamé Kouamé and Kablan Tano

  5. Associations between intensification interventions and negative externalities in smallholder dairy farms in the Kenyan Highlands; F O Agutu, J O Ondiek and B O Bebe

  6. Barymetry of five algerian sheep breeds; F Afri-Bouzebda, A Djaout, Z Bouzebda and Y Belkhiri (In French)

  7. Effect of substituting maize in the grower diet with ground Prosopis juliflora pods on performance of indigenous chicken in Kenya; D M Wanjohi, A M King’ori, A Y Guliye and A M Wachira

  8. Performance evaluation of Abergelle goat under community based breeding program in selected districts, Northern Ethiopia; Minister Birhanie, Kefyalew Alemayehu and Getinet Mekuriaw

  9. Analysis of lactation curves of Holstein cows in the milk basin region of Chiriquí, Republic of Panama; R Guerra Montenegro, A Hernández Rodríguez and A Menéndez Buxadera (In Spanish)

  10. Prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal helminth infestations of free range domestic ducks in Kenya; R M Waruiru, S K Mavuti, P G Mbuthia and L W Njagi

  11. Key criteria and models for implementing a sustainable chicken breeding and distribution program for smallholder poultry producers; Kelly R Wilson, Terra R Kelly, David Bunn and Huaijun Zhou

  12. Digestibility, nitrogen balance and methane emissions in goats fed cassava foliage and restricted levels of brewers’ grains; Le Thi Thuy Hang, T R Preston, Nguyen Xuan Ba and Dinh Van Dung

  13. Gender aspects in the dairy value chain in Tanzania: A review of literature; A N Sikira, E M Waithanji, A Galie and I Baltenweck

  14. Milk yield of crossbred cattle grazing sorghum sudangrass hybrid with concentrate supplementation during dry season; F F Simili, M L P Lima, M I M Medeiros, L C Roma Júnior, C C P Paz and R A Reis

  15. Determination of the best time to harvest seeds of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) Gray; C Padilla, Idalmis Rodríguez, T E Ruiz and Magalys Herrera (In Spanish)

  16. A feed additive based on crude sugar fermented with yogourt increased the growth rate and reduced incidence of diarrhoea in piglets during the first 16 days after birth; A Beruvides, A Elías, Elaine C Valiño, Grethel Milián, Marlen Rodríguez and R González (In Spanish)

  17. Microbiological quality of milk and cheese of Arbia goat: coagulation with Cynara cardunculus; A Lahrech, M Hamidi, A Choukri and B Ancer (In French)

  18. Milk clotting characteristics of Solanum incanum, Ficus carica and Rhus natalensis for cheese making in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia; Ziade Abraha, Alemayehu Taddesse, Mekonnen Yohannes, Emiru Birhane and Gebremedhn Beyene

  19. Effect of pelleting on nutritive quality of forage legumes; D K Oyaniran, V O A Ojo, R Y Aderinboye, B A Bakare and J A Olanite

  20. Influence of pre-slaughter transportation duration stress on carcass and meat quality of indigenous chicken reared under traditional system in Benin; Gabriel Assouan Bonou, Serge Gbênagnon Ahounou, Chakirath Folakè Arikè Salifou, Fidèle Halile Paraïso, Kenneth Bachabi, Bernadette Mahikiwè Konsaka, Mahamadou Dahouda, Jacques Tossou Dougnon, Souaïbou Farougou and Issaka Abdou Karim Youssao

  21. Methane production in an in vitro rumen incubation of cassava pulp-urea with additives of brewers’ grain, rice wine yeast culture, yeast-fermented cassava pulp and leaves of sweet or bitter cassava variety; Phuong L T Binh, T R Preston, Van Huu Nguyen and Dinh Van Dung