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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 29, Number 5, May 2017
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Intensive silvopastoral systems reduce the impact of sucking insects on Kikuyu grass (Cenchrus clandestinus); D E Ochoa, J J Lopera, S M Márquez, Z Calle, C Giraldo, J Chará and E Murgueitio (In Spanish)

  2. Beekeeping, climate change and food security: the case of Eastern Amhara Region, Ethiopia; Tessema Aynalem

  3. Enhancing honey quality, colony and beekeepers’ safety through the use of modified red-light source during colony inspection in the dark; Tessema Aynalem, Birhanu Kassa and Demelash Dagnew

  4. Influence of the camel breed factor on cheese production with an extract of kaolin of chicken gizzard in Algeria; preliminary study; M Hamidi, A Choukri and M Hachi (In French)

  5. Fig-tree leaves and Sulla hay (Hedysarum flexuosum) in the diet of growing rabbits; S A Kadi, A Mouhous, F Djellal, Y Senhadji, N Tiguemit and T Gidenne (In French)

  6. A study on the Frontline demonstration of backyard poultry in rural Odisha; B K Banja, P N Ananth, S Singh, S Behera and P Jayasankar

  7. Identification of some strains of mycorrhizal fungi associated with Kikuyu (Cenchrus clandestinus (Hochst ex Chiov) Morrone) and its effect on some agronomic variables; A Ortiz Acevedo, M Medina Sierra and J Echeverri Gómez (In Spanish)

  8. Comparing the impact of the approach "cash +" and distribution of inputs to help the development of livestock production in vulnerable populations in Burkina Faso; D Sawadogo, R Courcier, S R Kondombo, P Sawadogo, P Arnal, D Traoré, U Assankpon, S Hien and M Blanchard (In French)

  9. The performance of pigs at different phases of growth on sun-dried brewers spent grain; K O Amoah, P Asiedu, P Wallace, G Z Bumbie and S W A Rhule

  10. Effect of different types of fertilizer on soil bacteria in the agroecosystem Bothriochloa pertusa, (L) A. Camus, in the Subregion Sabanas of Sucre, Colombia; R Pérez Cardozo (In Spanish)

  11. Evaluation of nutritive value and in-vitro degradation of selected indigenous browses from Semi-Arid areas of Kenya; F Kemboi, J O Ondiek and P A Onjoro

  12. The performance of field collected flies (Glossina pallidipes and Glossina brevipalpis) from Msubugwe game reserve for colony build up at Vector and Vector Borne Disease laboratories in Tanzania; O Manangwa, S Matembo and H Nyingilili

  13. Arechaatechu L. seed and Anredera cordifolia (Ten) Steenis leaf powder supplementation reduced serum transaminase in laying hens; Hanang Pawitan Marlani, Endang Kusumanti and Retno Murwani

  14. Effect of bovine amniotic fluid administration on the intestinal bacterial composition and haematological parameters of broiler chickens; S Sugiharto, T Yudiarti, I Isroli, E Widiastuti and F D Putra

  15. Assessment of community knowledge, attitude and practices for sustainable control of tsetse and tsetse-borne trypanosomosis in Meatu district, Tanzania; D J Malulu, E N Kimbita, H N Tuntufye, S Kinung’hi, H S Nyingilili, E Lyaruu, T Mbilu, J K Sahani and I I Malele

  16. Genetic and environmental effects on the lactation curve of dairy goats in the tropics; K T Henao, Y A Blandón, L G González-Herrera, H Cardona-Cadavid, J D Corrales and S J Calvo (In Spanish)

  17. Efficacy of Piperazine citrate, Levamisole hydrochloride and Albendazole in the treatment of chicken naturally infected with gastrointestinal helminths; H W Chege, D C Kemboi, L C Bebora, N Maingi, P G Mbuthia, P N Nyaga and L W Njagi

  18. Phenotypic analysis of underutilized poultry species in Kenya; J W Macharia, M N Mberu, L Wamuyu, T Imboma, J K Lichoti , K J Ngeiywa and S C Ommeh

  19. Identification and characterization of plant species with forage potential in the high tropics of the Tapias river basin; Carlos Mario Bohada Hurtado, Luis Alejandro Ospina and Julio Ernesto Vargas Sánchez (In Spanish)

  20. Vector identification and bovine trypanosomosis in Edja district, south Ethiopia; Melkamu Melese, Sisay Alemu, Jelalu Kemal, Yimer Muktar and Ashebr Abraha

  21. New approach for adaptation to high temperatures and its effect on the thermal resistance of broilers reared in western Algeria; Sahnoun Attou and Abdelkader Homrani

  22. Effects of different infectious Bursal disease vaccination regimes on biochemical and haematological parameters of indigenous chicken in Kenya; M O Bwana, L W Njagi, P N Nyaga, P G Mbuthia, L C Bebora, M W Wahome, W U Mutinda and P M Kitala

  23. A low concentration (4% in diet dry matter) of brewers’ grains improves the growth rate and reduces thiocyanate excretion of cattle fed cassava pulp-urea and “bitter” cassava foliage; Phuong Le Thuy Binh, T R Preston, Khang Nhuyen Duong and R A Leng

  24. Effect of dietary protein levels on post-weaning growth and carcass in guinea pigs in the West-Cameroon; T G Zougou, F Tendonkeng, E Miégoué, M N B Noumbissi, N F Matimuini, A V Mboko, J Lemoufouet, N N Mweugang, B Boukila and E T Pamo (In French)