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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 29, Number 11, November 2017
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Development of a cartographic tool for the management of pastoral resources through a combined approach of remote sensing and modeling; T D Razafinarivo, V B Rahetlah, J N Rakotozandriny, P Salgado and P Degenne (In French)

  2. Nutritional and sensory evaluation of soft cheese made from locally sourced coagulants; G A Ibhaze, O A Adebayo and G E Onibi

  3. Effect of crossing D’man rams with Ouled Djellal ewes on reproductive performance and lamb growth; M Adaouri, H Mefti Korteby, S Triki, M Lebied, S Djouadi, N Balouli and L Sebbag (In French)

  4. Toxicological evaluation of low dietary aflatoxin B1 concentrations on performance and residues in laying ducks; N Tansakul, J Phakam, S Choochuay and N Paochoosak

  5. Seasonal forage dynamics of three grasses with different origins and photosynthetic pathways in a rural North American cold steppe; J D Scasta

  6. Assessment of the energy value of camel's rangelands, Ouargla - Algeria; R Mayouf, K Lakhdari and M Belhamra (In French)

  7. A review on the pradox of goat characterizations and their consequences on the development of the goat sector in Ethiopia; S Oumer and T Firew

  8. Physico-chemical and microbiological qualities of milk from cows raised extensively in North-East Algeria; S Matallah, F Matallah, I Djedidi, K N Mostefaoui and R Boukhris (In French)

  9. Probiotic Bacillus plus vitamins and minerals enhanced haemoglobin values and relative weight of ileum and improved feed conversion ratio of broilers during brooding period; I Isroli, T Yudiarti, E Widiastuti and S Sugiharto

  10. Effect on methane production of source of carbohydrate, and processing/variety of cassava leaf supplement, in an in vitro rumen incubation; Vor Sina and T R Preston

  11. Livestock feed resources in Southern Ethiopia: The case of Meskan district; Abule Ebro, Girma Abebe and Engida Oda

  12. Season and parity number influence the conception rate of zebu breed cows in South-eastern Mexico; J C Segura Correa, J G Magaña Monforte, J R Ake Lopez and V M Segura Correa

  13. Sweet potato wastes in major pig producing districts in Uganda: an opportunity for investment in silage technologies; M Asindu, G Elepu, E Ouma, G Kyalo, P Lule and D Naziri

  14. The effects of plant essential oils on in vitro camel rumen fermentation; I Medila, I Toumi, A Adamou and S Maaroufi

  15. Agronomical requirements of Moringa oleifera (Lam.) in livestock systems; C Padilla, Nurys Valenciaga, G Crespo, Daimarys González and Idalmis Rodríguez (In Spanish)

  16. Sugar cane had higher yield when established from node cuttings rather than from long stems and had a higher sugar content when the soil was amended with biochar; Chittakone Insixiengmai, Nguyen Nhut Xuan Dung and T R Preston