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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 29, Number 1, January 2017
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Correlations study between PTAs (Predicted Transmitting Ability) of Holstein bulls with genetic evaluation available in Brazil: production, reproduction and type traits; D de Córdova Cucco, F Pilonetto, J Taiz Calgaro, A Capelesso, E Ticiani, L de Genova Gaya, M Pereira Soares and A Zampar (In Portuguese)

  2. Body condition score, some nutritional parameters in plasma, and subsequent reproductive performance of Montbéliarde cows in Algeria; A Kalem, C Hanzen, A Abdelli and R Kaidi

  3. Chemical composition of fodder shrubs (Albizia lebbeck, Leucaena leucocephala, Morinda lucida, Senna Siamea) in dry season in Gabon; A V Mboko, F N E Matumuini, F Tendonkeng, E Miégoué, J Lemoufouet, A A Akagah, B Boukila and E T Pamo (In French)

  4. Characterization of dairy cattle feeding systems in Algeria: impact on productive and reproductive performance; A Abdelli and M Iguer-Ouda

  5. Effect of Aloe vera and Propolis on egg production and egg size in commercial layers under Zambian conditions; K E S Yambayamba and M M Mpandamwike

  6. Nutritional evaluation of sugarcane top ensiled with varying proportion of broiler litter; R M Akinbode, O A Isah, A O Oni, O M Arigbede and V O A Ojo

  7. Characterization of dairy farms according to their level of intensification and to environmental and social factors associated with sustainability; J F Ruiz, M F Cerón-Muñoz, R Barahona-Rosales and D M Bolivar-Vergara (In Spanish)

  8. Prebiotic effect of Agave fourcroydes fructans on productive performance of Nilo GIFT tilapia fingerlings (Oreochromis niloticus); Yanelys García Curbelo, J Llanes Iglesias, J Toledo Pérez, Nereyda Albelo Dorta, R Bocourt Salabarría, Yoslaydi Arbelo Fraga and Magali Herrera Villafranca (In Spanish)

  9. Sustainability indicators for specialized dairy production: A review; J F Ruiz, R Barahona Rosales and D M Bolívar Vergara (In Spanish)

  10. Indigenous knowledge and identification of local woody plant species as potential feeds for goats in the communal farming areas of Namibia; Lucia N Marius, Emmanuel L K Osafo, Irvin D T Mpofu, Paul van der Merwe, Jerome Boys and Victoria Attoh-Kotoku

  11. Bacteriological quality of red offals of dromedaries at the slaughterhouse of Ouargla, Algeria; A Benaissa, B Babelhadj, N E Berguiga, S Ghoul, Z Bayoussef and T Babelhadj (In French)

  12. Climate change impacts on tropical and temperate fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood security and implications - A review; Golam Kibria, A K Yousuf Haroon and Dayanthi Nugegoda

  13. Chicken diseases and their ethno-botanical treatments among the rural poor in southern Zambia, Africa; Michelo Syakalima, Martin Simuunza and Victor Zulu

  14. Genetic parameters for weight up to one year old in the Mediterranean buffalo estimated by Bayesian Inference; E Silva Silveira, M P Gonçalves de Rezende, P L Souza Carneiro, I R Oliveira and C H Mendes Malhado (In Portuguese)

  15. Genetic characterisation in snapper (Lutjanus goreensis) and grunter (Pomadasys jubelini) populations from high and low brackish lagoons using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA technique; Soyinka Olufemi Olukolajo and Saba Abdulwakil Olawale

  16. Prevalence and risk factors associated with porcine cysticercosis transmission in Babati district, Tanzania; Michael D B Kavishe, Ernatus M Mkupasi, Erick V G Komba and Helena A Ngowi

  17. Unstable milk occurrence in the semi-arid region and its relation with the physico-chemical characteristics of milk; Priscilla Fernandes Faria, Adriano Henrique do Nascimento Rangel, Stela Antas Urbano, Luis Henrique Fernandes Borba, José Geraldo Bezerra Galvão Júnior and Edine Roberta da Silva

  18. Growth performance of pigs on dietary cocoa bean shell meal; M H Ogunsipe, I Ibidapo, O D Oloruntola and J O Agbede

  19. Effect of ground mature prosopis (Prosopis juliflora) pods inclusion in layer diets on performance of improved indigenous chicken in Kenya; A J Manhique, A M King’ori and A M Wachira

  20. Major gastrointestinal nematodes of cattle in dairy farms in Dire Dawa administration, eastern Ethiopia; Jelalu Kemal, Yimer Muktar and Adem Hiko