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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 8, August 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Evaluation of community animal health delivery systems in Simanjiro, Tanzania; E S Swai, S Masaaza and C J Daborn

  2. Effect of straw treated with urea on production parameters of pregnant and lactating Ouled Djellal ewes; I Chachoua, T Meziane and K Habta (In French)

  3. Effect of different seasons on feed efficiency, plasma hormones and milk production in lactating cows; Mahendra Singh, J P Sehgal, J R Khan and H D Sharma

  4. Contribution to income of traditional beef cattle farmer households in Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan, Indonesia; B Hartono and E S Rohaeni

  5. Effects of the advance of the mating season on the reproduction and the weaning weight of Ouled Djellal sheep in the North-East of Algeria; M Chemmam, N Meftah and Mebirouk L Boudechiche (In French)

  6. Description of the growth curve in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis Artiodactyla, Bovidae) through generalized additive mixed models with smoothed functions; D C Barrera, S Pineda, D A Agudelo, M J Mazo and M F Cerón-Muñoz (In Spanish)

  7. Effect of Moringa oleifera leaf meal as a substitute for antibiotics on the performance and blood parameters of broiler chickens; B A Makanjuola, O O Obi, T O Olorungbohunmi, O A Morakinyo, M O Oladele-Bukola and B A Boladuro

  8. Evaluation of pre-weaning growth performances and survival rate of Western Highland goats under traditional management system in Amhara Region, Ethiopia; Demissie Chanie, Zeleke Mekuriaw and Mengistie Taye

  9. Effect of lime and/or urea treatment of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) straw on feed intake, digestibility and body weight gain of sheep; Teferi Aregawi, Getachew Animut, Kefelegn Kebede and Habtemariam Kassa

  10. Prevalence and distribution of tick infestation on cattle at Fitche Selale, North Shewa, Ethiopia; B Tadesse and A Sultan

  11. Seed yield and vegetation characteristics of Cenchrus ciliaris as influenced by fertilizer levels, row spacing, cutting height and season; J B Kizima, E J Mtengeti and S Nchimbi-Msolla

  12. Effect of yeast fermented cassava pulp (FCP) on nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance of post-weaning pigs; Hieu Le Huu and Terdsak Khammeng

  13. Morphometric traits, spermatozoa microscopy and stripped eggs fertilization with milt collected from live African Mudfish (Clarias gariepinus); K O Idahor, A Yakubu, A F Umar, F Yahaya and L A Musa

  14. From taboo to commodity: history and current situation of cavy culture in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; B L Maass, T K Metre, F Tsongo, A B Mugisho, F M Kampemba, R B B Ayagirwe, P C Azine, J Bindelle and W L Chiuri

  15. Water sources and quality for dairy cattle in smallholder farms in semi-arid Kenya; D M G Njarui, J K Itabari, J M Kabirizi and A J Mwilawa

  16. Milk productivity of camel and growth of calves (Camelus dromedarius) in eastern Ethiopia; M B Chibsa, Y Y Mummed, M Y Kurtu and M U Leta

  17. Milk production performances of Holstein Friesian x Arsi and Holstein Friesian x Boran cross-bred cattle at Agarfa Agricultural Technical Vocational and Educational Training (ATVET) College, Oromia, Ethiopia; Teketay Wassie, Getinet Mekuriaw and Zeleke Mekuriaw