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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 6, June 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Reproductive and health constraints of dairy cattle in the peri-urban areas of semi-arid eastern Kenya; E O Mungube, D M G Njarui, M Gatheru, J Kabirizi and J Ndikumana

  2. Effects of Methionine Hydroxy analog and antioxidants on performance of lactating Sahelian goats in Senegal; A Missohou, G Nahimana, S B Ayssiwede, E S Dierenfeld and M B Hane

  3. Ensiled taro foliage replacing rice bran in diets of gilts during pregnancy and lactation; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  4. Likelihood of agricultural technologies adoption by pastoralist communities: The case of camel improvement technologies and information in Marsabit and Isiolo Counties of northern Kenya; S G Kuria, A Murage, H K Walaga and J Lesuper

  5. Evaluation of the performance of herbaceous forage legumes under sown with maize under irrigation condition of Megech North Gondar, Ethiopia; Alemu Tarekegn and Tikunesh Zelalem

  6. Genetic dissection of litter size trait in Iranian Moghani native sheep; R Javadi, S Alijani and J Shodja

  7. Typology of dairy farms in the development areas of the Adrar region, south west Algeria; A Boubekeur and M T Benyoucef (In French)

  8. Some factors associated with poor reproductive performance in smallholder dairy cows: the case of Hai and Meru districts, northern Tanzania; E S Swai, P Mollel and A Malima

  9. In vitro digestibility of maize stover associated with molasses-treated Mexican sun flower (Tithonia diversifolia) leaves in small ruminants; F N E Matumuini, F Tendonkeng, A V Mboko, G T Zougou, E Miégoué, J Lemoufouet, B Boukila and E T Pamo (In French)

  10. Reproduction status of dairy cows in the northeast of Algeria; K Miroud, A Hadef, D Khelef, S Ismail and R Kaidi (In French)

  11. Fish product development and market trials of fish and fish products in Kenya: a case study of Kirinyaga and Meru Counties; D N Kyule, E Yongo, M A Opiyo, K Obiero, J M Munguti and H Charo-Karisa

  12. Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L) Schott) and banana pseudo-stem as energy sources for pigs in Central Vietnam; Du Thanh Hang, Than Thi Thanh Tra, Nguyen Thi Loc, Phan Vu Hai, Nguyen Dang Qui, Ha Le Ngoc Linh and Le Duc Ngoan

  13. Body parameters and prediction of body weight from linear body measurements in Coturnix quail; D Gambo, O M Momoh, N I Dim and A S Kosshak

  14. The potential of increasing cattle productivity in mixed farming systems of Zimbabwe; D Nkomboni, G Sisito, A van Rooyen, S Homann-Kee Tui, J L N Sikosana and L R Ndlovu

  15. Life cycle assessment in milk production: comparison of two specialized dairy herds; J E Rivera, F A Arenas, R Rivera, L M Benavides, J Sánchez and R Barahona (In Spanish)

  16. Challenges and prospects of integrating livestock into smallholder organic pineapple production in Uganda; S Nalubwama, M Vaarst, F Kabi, M Kiggundu, F Bagamba, C Odhong, A Mugisha and N Halberg

  17. Breed effects on semen traits of dairy and beef artificial insemination bulls; I Boujenane and K Boussaq

  18. Growth hormone gene polymorphisms of Indonesia fat tailed sheep using PCR-RFLP and their relationship with growth traits; A D Malewa, L Hakim, S Maylinda and M H Husain

  19. Men, women, maize and sheep. The mixed farming system of Colonia Veracruz, Hidalgo, Mexico; V Vázquez-García

  20. Breed preference and breeding practices for goats in agro-pastoral communities of semi-arid and sub-humid areas in Tanzania; S W Chenyambuga and F P Lekule