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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 4, April 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Nutrient assessment of paddy weeds as ruminant feed in Java; N R Kumalasari, L Abdullah and E Bergmeier

  2. Relating climatic factors to foraging behavior of honeybees (Apis mellifera) during blooming period of Guizotia abyssinica (L.F.); Haftom Gebremedhn, Alemayehu Tadesse and Tesfay Belay

  3. Effects of fermentation by Trichoderma viride on nutritive value of copra meal, cellulase activity and performance of broiler chickens; U Hatta, O Sjofjan, I Subagiyo and B Sundu

  4. Breeding practices in indigenous dairy cattle breeds in Northern Amhara, Ethiopia; Godadaw Misganaw, Zewdu Wuletaw and Workneh Ayalew

  5. High methionine supplementation improves the nutritional value of cassava peel meal for broiler chicken; I O Oladunjoye, O O Ojebiyi and T A Rafiu

  6. Enzyme supplementation increases digestibility and N balance in growing pigs fed rice bran and ensiled taro foliage; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  7. Milk production of indigenous cattle fed supplements of mustard oil cake or azolla meal (Azolla filiculoides); Ankur Khare, R P S Baghel, R S Gupta, S Nayak, V Khare, A Patil, Rahul Sharma, Rahul Tomar and V P Singh

  8. Production and productivity in Eastern and Western European sheep farming: a comparative analysis; R de-Arriba and A Sánchez-Andrés

  9. Effect of agro-ecological zone on the dairy cattle production system in East Java; L Rahardjo, S Ifar, S Chuzaemi and B A Nugroho

  10. Treatment of wastewater from slaughterhouse by biodigester and Vetiveria zizanioides L.; Luu Huu Manh, Nguyen Nhut Xuan Dung, Le Van Am and Bui Thi Le Minh

  11. The role of livestock functions in the well being and development of Timor-Leste rural communities; E M V Bettencourt, M Tilman, V Narciso, M L S Carvalho and P D S Henriques

  12. Effects of chopping, additive and silo type on the quality of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) silage; E J Mtengeti, F H Maeda and N A Urio

  13. Replacing rice bran by an ensiled mixture of taro (Colocasia esculenta) foliage and banana stem increases feed intake, diet digestibility and N retention in growing pigs; Chhay Ty, Aing Kimseang, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  14. Non-genetic and breed group factors affecting the pregnancy of heifers in a beef production system in Cojedes state, Venezuela; G Morales, L Depablos and G Martínez (In Spanish)

  15. Production and availability of Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) and Java Plum (Syzygium cumini) beans for livestock feeding in Eastern and Central Regions of Uganda; E K Ndyomugyenyi, M W Okot and D Mutetikka

  16. Characterization of pig production in Gulu and Soroti districts in northern and eastern Uganda; K Ikwap, M Jacobson, N Lundeheim, D O Owiny, G W Nasinyama, C Fellstrom and J Erume

  17. Milk production and pregnancy rate of dual purpose cows in Southeast Mexico; J G Magańa-Monforte, E Osorio, F Centurión-Castro, J C Segura-Correa, R Aké-López and C F Aguilar-Pérez (In Spanish)

  18. Pastoral indigenous breeding practices and their impact on cattle reproduction performance: the case of Kilosa and Gairo Districts; F O K Mgongo, M K Matiko, E K Batamuzi, R M Wambura, E D Karimuribo, D G Mpanduji, L B Massawe, R S Silayo, E Kimbita and H Kiwia