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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 11, November 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Diversity of Guizotia abyssinica pollinators and their effect on seed quality in Mekelle, Northern Ethiopia; Haftom Gebremedhn and Alemayehu Tadesse

  2. Performance of common ducks fed an ensiled mixture of banana pseudo-stem and taro (Colocasia esculenta) foliage as a supplement to restricted rice bran and ad libitum fresh duckweed; Dao Thi My Tien, Ngo Thuy Bao Tran, Bui Phan Thu Hang and T R Preston

  3. Chemical composition, gas production and degradation characteristics of haulms of improved dual purpose Cowpea (vigna unguiculata l. walp) cultivars; C Antwi, E L K Osafo, A Donkoh and H Adu-Dapaah

  4. Impact of bio-security management intervention on growth performance and profitability of broiler farming in Bangladesh; M Y Ali, S S Jahan, M I A Begum and A Islam

  5. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal in a recirculating system for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) culture; Y A Maigua, I A Sánchez and T Matsumoto (In Portuguese)

  6. Effect of different particle lengths on the bacterial population, fermentation profiles and nutritive value of whole maize plant silage; K T Khaing, T C Loh, S Ghizan, R A Halim and A A Samsudin

  7. The status of local chicken (Gallus domesticus) production in Northern Uganda; C Nakkazi, A Kayitesi, H E Mulindwa, D R Kugonza and M W Okot

  8. Growth and carcass traits of Creole kids experimentally infected by Haemonchus contortus: effects of sex, housing conditions and slaughter weights; W Ceï, J C Bambou, F Silou, F Mounoussamy and G Alexandre

  9. Financial performance of small scale dairy farming in East Java Indonesia; Hari Dwi Utami and Ainun Pizar Seruni

  10. Quality parameters of eggs from chickens reared in deep litter system with or without access to grass or legume pasture; O E Oke, A O Ladokun and O M Onagbesan

  11. GIS delineation of factors responsible for spatial distribution of poultry meat production in the Niger Delta: a case study of Delta State, Nigeria; T Omodele, I A Okere, C E Deinne and M O Oladele-Bukola

  12. Comparison of fatty acid profile of longissimus dorsi muscle in indigenous Lori cattle reared under rural and semi-industrial production system; A Kiani, M H Gharoni, R Shariati and E Fallahi

  13. Replacing soybean meal with processed Lupin (Lupinus Albus) meal as poultry layers feed; Gebremedhn Beyene, Negassi Ameha, Mengistu Urge and Awet Estifanos

  14. Production cost and impact of various inputs on profitability in small-scale pig farms in the metropolitan area of Mexico City; N Losada-Espinosa, A Mercadillo-Sierra and R G Martínez-Gamba (In Spanish)

  15. The pastoral space in the area of M'sila, Algeria: status and perspectives of rehabilitation; Senoussi Abdelhakim, Hadbaoui Ilyes and Huguenin Johann (In French)

  16. Shadow effect at grazing on some physiological variables of West African lambs under emergency conditions of mild heat; L Pinto-Santini, L Ríos de Álvarez, I Oliveros, A Pigliacampo and T Chacón (In Spanish)

  17. Socioeconomic aspects of rearing camels under two production systems in Sudan; E S Shuiep, I E M El Zubeir and I A Yousif

  18. The use of marine plants for growing rabbits; S Rjiba Ktita, A Chermiti and M Mahouachi

  19. Impact of the slaughter of pregnant goats on small ruminant rearing in Cameroon; F C N Nana, C Tume, Daouda, F K Djitie, M B S Dandji, A P Zoli and J F Beckers (In French)

  20. Effect of plant secondary metabolites on methane enteric emission in ruminants; D M Ortiz, S L Posada and R R Noguera (In Spanish)

Short communications

  1. Nutritional evaluation of non-timber forest products in tropical Choco - Colombia; P I Palacios, M G Martínez and H H Medina (In Spanish)