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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 26, Number 10, October 2014
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Prevalence and associated risk factors of major sheep gastro intestinal parasites in and around Bako Town, Western Ethiopia; Ayele Gizachew, Nugusa Fikadu and Tadesse Birhanu

  2. Livestock in Bangladesh: distribution, growth, performance and potential; S Rahman, I A Begum and M J Alam

  3. Diagnosis and analysis of the situation of the “Black Thibar” sheep breeding in the North of Tunisia; Hammami Moncef, Hammami Mohamed, Rouissi Hamadi, Werghi Houssem and Tarkhani Ibtissem (In French)

  4. Characterization of bee-keeping systems and honey marketing in Eastern zone Tigray, Ethiopia; Yetimwork Gebremeskel, Berhan Tamir and Desalegn Begna

  5. Vegetable waste supplemented with human or animal excreta as substrate for biogas production; Phan Thi Thu Hien, Preston T R, Vo Lam and Duong Nguyen Khang

  6. Chemical composition and nutritive value of Tanzanian grain sorghum varieties; J T Kaijage, S K Mutayoba and A Katule

  7. A comparative study of the nutritional and microbial profiles of the raw and processed seeds of the African Locust Bean (Parkia biglobosa); M Boateng, D B Okai, Y O Frimpong and C O Asabere

  8. Role of private sector in the development of dairy industry in Bangladesh; M A Hamid and K M Hossain

  9. Determining factors of modernization of dairy farming in the Brazilian Amazon; M A S Santos, A C Santana, L C B Raiol and J B Lourenço Júnior

  10. Productive and reproductive performance of dairy cattle and their crossbreds in Bhutan; J Wangdi, Mindu, P Bhujel, Karma and S Wangchuk

  11. Typology of sheep fattening enterprise in the West zone of Burkina Faso and technical performances of pilot units; H O Sanon and L Traoré (In French)

  12. Seroprevalence and risk factors for Salmonella gallinarum infection in smallholder layers in Mwanza City, Tanzania; Q T Bura, H B Magwisha and R H Mdegela

  13. Preliminary investigation on community-based intervention through cockerel exchange programme for sustainable improved rural chicken production in Nasarawa State, Nigeria; A Yakubu, M M Ari, A O Ogbe, D M Ogah, M M Adua, K O Idahor, S E Alu, A S Ishaq and E S Salau

  14. Effect of maturity stages of Fig (Ficus sur) fruits on chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and in sacco dry matter degradability; Diriba Diba, Yoseph Mekasha, Mengistu Urge and Adugna Tolera

  15. Effect of diet and muscle type on meat quality characteristics of Tanzania Shorthorn Zebu; M B Muchakilla, L Asimwe, A E Kimambo, L A Mtenga and G H Laswai

  16. Viability and profitability of different segments in the poultry model chain in Bangladesh; M C Sumy, M K I Khan and M M Islam

  17. Lactation curves of Friesian-Sanga and Sanga cows in Ghana; K Darfour-Oduro, B A Hagan and A Asafu-Adjaye

  18. Evaluation of production efficiency of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) fed diets containing crop residues in combination with cocoa bean shell and coconut oil cake in Côte d’Ivoire; Y Bamba, N Ouattara, Y Soro, A Ouattara, K Yao and G Gourène

  19. Effect of the incorporation of brewers' grains on growth performance of broilers; Y Arbouche, H S Arbouche, F Arbouche, R Arbouche and A Mennani (In French)

  20. Parameters and genetic trends for growth traits in a population of criollo cattle Romosinuano; G A Ossa Saraz, H J Narváez Pérez, J G Noriega Márquez, J E Pérez Garcia and O D Vergara Garay (In Spanish)