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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 24, Number 5, May 2012
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Village poultry in Bas-Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); N Moula, N Detiffe, F Farnir, N Antoine-Moussiaux and P Leroy (In French)

  2. Effects of biochar from gasifier stove and effluent from biodigester on growth of maize in acid and fertile soils; Pham Thi Luyen, Duong Nguyen Khang and T R Preston

  3. A survey of seasonal macro-mineral status of soil, plants and goats in Siavonga, southern Zambia; T Lundu, K Choongo, K Munyinda, K Walubita and N J Siulapwa

  4. Feed intake, digestibility and N balance of goats fed Paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) or Muntingia (Muntingia calabura) foliages supplemented with NPN from potassium nitrate or urea; Phonevilay Silivong, T R Preston and Ngo Van Man

  5. Ticks and tick-borne disease control in a pastoral and an agro-pastoral farming systems in Kenya; J M Mugambi, F D Wesonga and S G Ndungu

  6. Effect of weaning on postpartum reproductive performance of Murrah buffaloes; V V Rijasnaz, H O Pandey, B H M Patel, A K S Tomar,S K Mondal and G Singh

  7. Performance of broilers acclimated and reared in hot conditions of northern Algeria; D Boudouma and H Tefiel (In French)

  8. Effect of transport on live weight, carcass yield and some aspects of meat quality in Holstein bulls; R R Noguera, R Velásquez, A Hoyos, S L Posada and E Pérez (In Spanish)

  9. Genetic evaluation of the goat population of Antioquia, using microsatellite markers; S J Calvo, M I Gonzáles, P A Ángel, M F Cerón-Muñoz and H Cardona-Cadavid (In Spanish)

  10. On-farm evaluation of dairy farming innovations uptake in northern Malawi; S F Tebug, S Chikagwa-Malunga and S Wiedemann

  11. Effect of diets with graded levels of inclusion of cotton and sunflower seed cakes on the growth performance and feed utilization of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus; M Aanyu, C Carpaij and M Widmer

  12. Effect of discontinuous roughage delivery on digestion, rumen metabolism, feed efficiency and live weight gain of beef steers fed a concentrate diet; J I Arroquy, M A Nazareno, M Garcia, J Cervetto, M Avila, J J Saravia and R Distel

  13. Small ruminant production characteristics in urban households in Ghana; J Baah, A K Tuah, W Addah, and R M Tait

  14. A survey of rural farming practice in two provinces of Kenya. 1. Demographics, agricultural production and marketing; A R Peters, G Domingue, I D Olorunshola, S J Thevasagayam, B Musumba and J M Wekundah

  15. A survey of rural farming practice in two provinces in Kenya. 2. Livestock disease recognition, prevention and treatment; A R Peters, G Domingue, I D Olorunshola, S J Thevasagayam, B Musumba and J M Wekundah

  16. Greenbriar suppression with goat mob browsing; L L Boggs, J P Muir and J W Dunn

  17. Evaluation of feeding strategies of calves in a dual-purpose herd in Colombia; R Patiño Pardo, E Prieto Manrique, D Montes Vergara, O Meza Suárez and A Sierra Pérez (In Spanish)

  18. Experimental validation of farmer innovations in incubation and brooding management of chickens; D R Kugonza, G Kirembe, E Tomusange-Nvule, R Lutalo and E Drani

  19. Level and seasonal variation of quality parameters in livestock water for selected areas of Marsabit County, northern Kenya; H Dabasso Bulle, M Mamo, P Geikuku, I Tura, A Adongo, A Kagunyu, M Ngutu, J Mwangi, S Amboga, S Kuria and J Mwai

  20. The effect of supplementation on the performance of free range local chickens in Tanzania; S K Mutayoba, A K Katule, U Minga, M M Mtambo and J E Olsen