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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 8, August 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Body weight and carcass characteristics of Washera sheep fed urea treated rice straw supplemented with graded levels of concentrate mix; Abebe Hailu, Solomon Melaku, Berhan Tamir and Asaminew Tassew

  2. Effect of supplementation with silages on production and composition of goat's milk and curd yield; R R Noguera, A Díaz and S Pineda (In Spanish)

  3. Evaluation of mineral adequacy of natural browse species and concentrate ingredients for goats; Somu B N Rao, Vanama Radhika, Nawab Singh and Tapas K Dutta

  4. The genetics of morphological traits in the grasscutter; S Y Annor, B K Ahunu, G S Aboagye, K Boa-Amponsem, K T Djang-Fordjour and J P Cassady

  5. Study of coagulation of camel milk: use of camel gastric extracts at different ages; Boudjenah-Haroun Saliha, Moulti-Mati Farida, Si Ahmed Saliha, Mahboub Nasma, Siboukeur Oum Elkhir and Mati Abderrahmane (In French)

  6. Effect of hard wheat bran on performance of layers; D Boudouma et M Berchiche (In French)

  7. Estimation of live body weight using zoometrical measurements for improved marketing of indigenous chicken in the Lake Victoria basin of Uganda; J Semakula, P Lusembo, D R Kugonza, D Mutetikka, J Ssennyonjo and M Mwesigwa

  8. Comparative reproductive performance of Horro (Zebu) with Horro x Friesian and Horro x Jersey females in sub humid environments of Bako; Gizaw Kebede, Mulugeta Kebede, Tesfaye Midexa and Sisay Eshetu

  9. Characteristics and production constraints of rural-based small-scale pig farming in Iringa region, Tanzania; E D Karimuribo, S W Chenyambuga, V W Makene and S Mathias

  10. Plants used for small ruminant nutrition in the Eastern Guinea Savanna region of Nigeria; Jane M Chah and Edwin M Igbokwe

  11. Biomass production of natural courses in arid lands and their valorisation by the camels; M Chaibou, B Faye and P Lapeyronie

  12. The effect of feed supplementation on the productive and reproductive performance of nomadic dairy herds under range condition of Kordofan state, Sudan; A O Idris, M M M Ahmed, Y H Almansoury, A M Salih and M B Elemam

  13. The genetics of docility of the grasscutter (Thryonomysswinderianus); S Y Annor, B K Ahunu, G S Aboagye, K Boa-Amponsem, K T Djang-Fordjour and J P Cassady

  14. Forage conservation and profitable smallholder milk production in Honduras; C Reiber, M Peters and R Schultze-Kraft

  15. Reproduction and breeding in dromedary camels: insights from pastoralists in some selected villages of the Nigeria-Niger corridor; A M Abdussamad, W Holtz, M Gauly, M S Suleiman and M B Bello

  16. Situation of the dairy sector in Algeria: Analytical approach from the upstream to the downstream; Sofia Kali, Mohamed Benidir, Karim Ait Kaci, Boussad Belkheir and M T Benyoucef (In French)

Short communications

  1. Sustainability of cattle production systems in the tropics: genetic improvement; Mario M Osorio-Arce and José C Segura-Correa (In Spanish)