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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 4, April 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Growth of maize in acid soil amended with biochar, derived from gasifier reactor and gasifier stove, with or without organic fertilizer (biodigester effluent); Huy Sokchea and T R Preston

  2. Productive and reproductive evaluation of cattle of different breed groups in dual purpose systems in Middle Sinu Valley; H Martínez , G Bedoya, M Berrocal, M Palomino and O Vergara (In Spanish)

  3. Effect of different levels of supplementary potassium nitrate replacing urea on growth rates and methane production in goats fed rice straw, mimosa foliage and water spinach; Iv Sophea and T R Preston

  4. Effect of supplementing wheat bran, Acacia albida leaf meal and their mixture on feed intake and carcass characteristics of Horro sheep fed vetch (Lathyrus sativus) haulm basal diet; Takele Feyera and Getachew Animut

  5. Prevalence of mastitis in dairy herds in North-Eastern of Algeria; R Bouzid, A Hocine, F Maifia, F Rezig, R Ouzrout and K Touati (In French)

  6. Responses of broilers to dietary levels of processed Detarium microcarpum (Guill and sperr) seed meal; C O Obun, M S Yahaya and A A Kibon

  7. Utilization of local Trees and Shrubs for sustainable livestock production in the Talensi-Nabdam District of the Upper East Region of Ghana; T Ansah and D A Nagbila

  8. Effect of the level of incorporation of cassava flour in the diet on broiler growth parameters; H Mafouo Ngandjou, A Teguia, J R Kana, H K Mube and M Diarra (In French)

  9. Effect of supplementation level on nitrogen use, milk yield and milk quality in early and mid lactation Holstein cows in Antioquia; Héctor J Correa, Martha L Pabón, Myriam Y Sanchéz de G and Juan E Carulla (In Spanish)

  10. Seasonal and parity effects on some performance and reproductive characteristics of crossbred dairy cows raised under tropical conditions of the Sudan; E O Amasaib, Anma Fadel-Elseed, A G Mahala and A A Fadlelmoula

  11. Survivability of lambs under village management condition: The case around Jimma, Ethiopia; Berhanu Belay and Aynalem Haile

  12. Evaluation of the bacterial contamination of pure and diluted swine semen; M Acosta, M Ruedas, T Arias, R Paez, I Espinosa,V Martinez and R Perdigón (In Spanish)

  13. Evaluation of rations supplemented with fibrolytic enzyme on dairy cows performance. In situ ruminal degradability of different feedstuffs; M I Bassiouni, H M A Gaafar, M S Saleh, A M A Mohi El-Din and M A H Elshora

  14. Estimation of crossbreeding effects for growth and immunological traits in a crossbreeding experiment involving two local strains of chickens; M M Iraqi, M S Hanafi, Gihan M EL-Moghazy, A H El-Kotait and M H Abdel A’al

  15. Profile of progesterone and multiple pregnancies in African dwarf goats (Capra hircus) of the Humid Forest Zone of Cameroon; D Djoko Teinkam, C Meyer, D Monniaux, A-L Lainé, M Ndoumbé Nkeng and P Kamtchouing (In French)

  16. Diet pelleting effect on the efficiency of enzymatic preparation based on b-glucanase in broiler chicken; Nejib Mathlouthi, Nathalie Ballet and Michel Larbier (In French)

  17. Ewe reproduction and lamb pre-weaning growth and survival traits of ‘INRA 180’ a synthetic sheep breed; M El Fadili

  18. Lamb carcass quality of Timahdite and INRA 180 breeds assessed on station by ultrasound and at slaughter house; M El Fadili and K Lakhssassi (In French)

  19. Opportunities and challenges of pig production in Botswana; John C Moreki and Hezlet G Mphinyane

  20. Prediction of some Tunisian roughages voluntary intake by heifers and ewes from chemical composition and ruminal degradation characteristics; M Hammami,; A Chermiti, R Bouraoui, A Ben Gara, B Rekik and H Rouissi (In French)

  21. Evaluation of some varieties of oats grown in Algeria as ruminant feed; H S Arbouche, Y Arbouche, F Arbouche and R Arbouche (In French)

  22. Evaluation of the dairy cow biotype through milk composition, nutrition and grazing management; H Landi, L Barros and C Micheo

  23. Effect of processing cassava leaves and supplementing them with DL-methionine, on intake, growth and feed conversion in crossbred growing pigs; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  24. Replacing rice bran and duckweed with ensiled Taro leaf-stem foliage (Colocasia esculenta) in diets of growing local ducks; Chhay Ty, Khieu Borin, Sok Chanpheakdey, Vor Sina, Hem Buntho and T R Preston

  25. Testicular growth of Nelore bulls; A L A Neves, A J Delrei and M P Santos (In Portuguese)

  26. Predicting body weight of Tanzania shorthorn zebu cattle using heart girth measurements; I P B Kashoma, C Luziga, C W Werema, G A Shirima and D Ndossi

  27. Feed intake, digestibility and live weight performance of cricetome (Cricetomys gambianus) fed a concentrate containing Moringa oleifera and Leucaena leucocephala (Benin); T J Dougnon, B A Aboh and T M Kpodékon (In French)

  28. Local poultry populations in Tunisia: Present and alternatives. A review; A Raach-Moujahed, N Moujahed and B Haddad

  29. Suckling behavior of buffalo calves receiving different types of supplementation; R Patiño Pardo, L Botero Arango and L Altahona Buelvas ((In Spanish)

  30. Effect on methane production of supplementing a basal substrate of molasses and cassava leaf meal with mangosteen peel (Garcinia mangostana) and urea or nitrate in an in vitro incubation; Vo Duy Thanh, T R Preston and R A Leng

  31. Phenotypic characteristics of Sudanese camels (Camelus dromedarius); I A Ishag, M O Eisa and M-K A Ahmed

Short communications

  1. Comparison of natural pond system with an intensive (indoor) system for raising Cachama (Colossoma macropomu) and Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus); Tick Nouanthavong and T R Preston

  2. Growth performance of chickens fed Gongronema latifolia leaf extracts as a supplementary source of vitamins and minerals; Machebe Ndubuisi, Agbo Christian and Onuaguluchi Cynthia

  3. Meat-type buffaloes: age at slaughter by survival analysis; Edison Julián Ramírez Toro, Jaime Alberto Mesa R, Divier Antonio Agudelo Gomez, Diana Maria Bolivar Vergara and Mario Fernando Cerón-Muñoz