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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 2, February 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Mitigating methane production from ruminants; effect of calcium nitrate as modifier of the fermentation in an in vitro incubation using cassava root as the energy source and leaves of cassava or Mimosa pigra as source of protein; Sangkhom Inthapanya, T R Preston and R A Leng

  2. Mitigating methane production from ruminants; effect of supplementary sulphate and nitrate on methane production in an in vitro incubation using sugar cane stalk and cassava leaf meal as substrate; Le Thuy Binh Phuong, T R Preston and R A Leng

  3. Effect of supplementation with urea or calcium nitrate and cassava leaf meal or fresh cassava leaf in an in vitro incubation using a basal substrate of sugar cane stalk; Outhen Phommasack, T R Preston and R A Leng

  4. Application of Physical Body Traits in the Assessment of Breed and Performance of WAD Sheep in a Humid Tropical Environment; U K Oke and E O Ogbonnaya

  5. Application of Categorical Traits in the Assessment of Breed and Performance of Sheep in a Humid Tropical Environment; U K Oke and E O Ogbonnaya

  6. Genetic distance between two popular Nigerian goat breeds used for milk production; A O Adebambo, Olufunmilayo Adebambo, J L Williams, Sara Blott and Barbara Urquart

  7. Effect of cutting regimes on seasonal fodder yields of Moringa oleifera in the tropical rainforest of Nigeria; A A Fadiyimu, A N Fajemisin, J A Alokan and R D Aladesanwa

  8. Anaerobic digestion of bovine rumen in laboratory and chemical determination pre and post treatment; E Valencia, E Valenzuela, S González and C Vargas (In Spanish)

  9. Utilization of concentrate supplements containing varying levels of coconut meal by Thai native Anglo-Nubian goats; Pramote Paengkoum

  10. Strengthening HIV/AIDS food security mitigation mechanisms through village poultry; J C Moreki, B Poroga and R Dikeme

  11. Socioeconomic study of family poultry in Mongu and Kalabo Districts of Zambia; S Simainga, J C Moreki, F Band and N Sakuya

  12. Growth of rice in acid soils amended with biochar from gasifier or TLUD stove, derived from rice husks, with or without biodigester effluent; Sisomphone Southavong and T R Preston

  13. Effects of replacing corn and Soya beans with sorghum and faba beans on milk production and milk quality of Sicilo Sarde dairy ewes in Tunisia; H Selmi, I Bouzourrâa, G Tibaoui, H Alaoua, B Rekik and H Rouissi (In French)

  14. Phenotypic Variations in Birth and Body Weights of the Sudanese Desert Goats; A M Ismail, I A Yousif and A A Fadlelmoula

  15. Women participation in homestead fish farming in North Central Nigeria; H Y Ibrahim and H Yahaya

  16. Ethnopharmacological practices in management of livestock helminthes by pastoral communities in the drylands of Uganda; A S Nalule, J M Mbaria, D Olila and J W Kimenju

  17. Village Chicken Constraints and Traditional Management Practices in Jamma District, South Wollo, Ethiopia; Mammo Mengesha, Berhan Tamir and Tadelle Dessie

  18. Differences between men and women farmers’ experiences with a livestock development program in Kamuli, Uganda; A Ampaire and M F Rothschild

  19. Pre and post-slaughter animal handling by butchers in the Bawku Municipality of the Upper East Region of Ghana; F Adzitey, G A Teye and M M Dinko

  20. Effect of dietary supplementation, sex and birth type on body weight of desert ewes and their lambs’ growth performance in semi arid area of Kordofan State, Sudan; A O Idris, M B Elemam, C Kijora, F M El-Hag and A M Salih

  21. On-farm experience of feeding urea-molasses treated barley straw to crossbreed dairy cows in Jeldu District, highlands of Ethiopia; Rehrahie Mesfin and Getachew Kebede