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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 12, December 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Value addition in honey and poverty reduction in ASALs: Empirical evidence from Baringo County, Kenya; R M Berem, G O Owuor and G Obare

  2. Anthelmintic activity of Phytolacca dodecandra and Vernonia amygdalina leaf extracts in naturally infected small East African goats; A S Nalule, C N Karue and E Katunguka-Rwakishaya

  3. Effect of Concentrate Supplementation on Live Weight Change and Carcass Characteristics of Hararghe Highland Sheep Fed a Basal Diet of Urea Treated Maize Stover; Y Hirut, M Solomon and U Mengistu

  4. Conserving indigenous animal genetic resources as a coping strategy to adapt to climate change: the Azikheli Buffalo in Northern Mountains of Pakistan; M Khan, I Rahim, H Rueff, M Saleem, D Maselli, S Mohammad and U Wiesmann

  5. Sustainability of the agropastoral bovine systems in the semi arid area of setifian higher plains (Algeria); A Bir, H Yakhlef, F Ghozlane, T Madani and M Marie (In French)

  6. Epidemiology of cattle fasiolosis in Benin and biological control; M N Assogba, J T Dougnon, I T Alkoiret, Y Akpo, M Boukari and A K I Youssao (In French)

  7. Economic Analysis of Bedouin Sheep Farming in Jordan and the Palestinian Territories; R Al Baqain and A Valle Zárate

  8. Effect of harvesting method and model of hive on the amount of honey produced by bee colonies in Algeria; M L Berkani, Z Ghalem-Berkani, M T Benyoucef and A Chelighoum (In French)

  9. Effect of combined application of cattle manure and mineral fertilisers on the growth characteristics and quality of Pennisetum purpureum fodder; S Katuromunda, Elly N Sabiiti and M A Bekunda

  10. Characterisation of two local populations of rabbit: Growth performance, digestibility, slaughter yield and intestinal histometry; N Benali, H Ain baziz, G Lounaouci, R Kaddour, R Belabas, B Djellout and S Temim (In French)

  11. The care and management of indigenous chicken in Northern communal areas of Namibia; N P Petrus, I Mpofu and E Lutaaya

  12. Red seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii DOTY) from Mollucas island water as potential flavonoid resource of natural antioxidant; V Lalopua, H Purnomo, Sukoso and Aulani’am

  13. Value chain assessment of beef cattle production and marketing in Ethiopia: Challenges and opportunities of linking smallholder farmers to the markets; Kefyalew Alemayehu

  14. Chemical composition of selected browse plants and their acceptability by West African Dwarf sheep; A A Fadiyimu, A N Fajemisin and J A Alokan

  15. Indigenous practices for the control and treatment of ailments in Zimbabwe’s village poultry; E S Masimba, D T Mbiriri, M T Kashangura and T Mutibvu

  16. The Rumen – a fermentation vat or a series of organized structured microbial consortia: implications for the mitigation of enteric methane production by feed additives; R A Leng

  17. An analysis of inbreeding levels and factors affecting growth and reproductive traits in the Kenya Alpine dairy goat; A G Marete, J O Jung’a and R O Mosi

  18. Supplementing diets of lactating sows with catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) by-product oil; effects on milk production and fatty acid composition, and performance of sows and piglets; Nguyen Thi Thuy and T R Preston

  19. A socio-economic survey of cultural practices and management of village poultry production in Ondo area, Nigeria; O R Adeniyi and A O Oguntunji