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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 23, Number 10, October 2011
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect on growth rate and digestibility in goats of supplementing a basal diet of mango foliage with fresh water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica); Daovy Kongmanila, Kham Phommachanh and T R Preston

  2. Effect of potassium nitrate as modifier of the fermentation in an in vitro incubation using as substrate NaOH and/or lime treated straw supplemented with fresh cassava leaves; Sangkhom Inthapanya, Duong Nguyen Khang, R A Leng and T R Preston

  3. Fixed timed artificial insemination (FTAI) through the progesterone (CIDR) of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th uses in bovine. I. Conception rate related to reproductive category, related to body condition scoring (BCS), related to calf withdrawal and use of eCG; W G Vale, P C H Melo, E Walter, H F L Ribeiro, S T Rolim-Filho, A N Reis, J S Sousa and A O A Silva

  4. Effect of udder massage of primiparous and multiparous buffaloes on milk yield and composition; E M Abdel-Raouf, I A Abou-Selim, H M A Gaafar, M A A Abd El-Hady and H R Rashed

  5. On-farm evaluation of bee space of langstroth beehive; Abu Teffera and G/Selassie Sahile

  6. Analysis of growth performance data in sheep using fixed and random regression models; Kefelegn Kebede, Tsegay Teklebrhan, Mengistu Urge and Yoseph Mekasha

  7. Breed selection practices and traits of economic importance for indigenous chicken in Kenya; T O Okeno, A K Kahi and K J Peters

  8. Reproductive and productive response of pelibuey ewes to supplementation with leaves of Caulotes (Guazuma ulmifolia), Guaje (Leucaena leucocephala) and Yaite (Gliricidia sepium) in the humid tropics; F Izaguirre, T J J Martínez, F J G O Jiménez, C S Posada, C C G García and P G Martínez (In Spanish)

  9. Effects of nitrate and sulphur on in vitro methane production and dry matter degradation; Ho Quang Do, Tran Thi Thuy, Trinh Phuc Hao, T R Preston and R A Leng

  10. Changing waste into an asset: pig biogas in Lao PDR; S Phanthavongs, M Pearce and U Saikia

  11. Accumulated genetic analysis of piglets born alive and litter weights at birth in pigs from a commercial farm; R Galíndez, G Martínez and O Verde (In Spanish)

  12. Genetic parameters for growth traits in pigs (Cuban CC21 strain); C M Abeledo, D Guerra, I Santana, S Hernández, F J Diéguez, M Gutiérrez, Y Camino, F Brache, Y Prado, D Rodriguez and J Ly (In Spanish)

  13. Nutritional quality of pasture, body condition and blood metabolite levels of dual-purpose cows throughout the year in northern Veracruz, Mexico; E M Romero-Treviño, E Gutiérrez-Ornelas, H Bernal-Barragán, J C Martínez-González, M A González-Muñoz and S López-Pérez (In Spanish)

  14. In situ digestibility of dry matter of leaves of three multipurpose trees and star grass (Cynodon plectostachyus) in fistulated sheep; F Izaguirre, T J J Martínez, F J G O Jiménez, C S Posada, C C G García and P G Martínez (In Spanish)

  15. Studies on growth pattern in Kadaknath breed of chicken under field condition; M S Thakur and S N S Parmar

  16. Supplementation of cassava hay and ensiled cassava foliage to replace concentrate use in beef cattle; Anan Petlum, Surachai Boonlue and Werachai Thongdee

  17. Camel in Sudan: future prospects; B Faye, O M A Abdelhadi, A I Ahmed and S A Bakheit

  18. Indigenous chickens of the Kamuli Plains in Uganda: I. Production system and flock dynamics; K Natukunda, D R Kugonza and C C Kyarisiima

  19. Indigenous chickens of the Kamuli Plains in Uganda: II Factors affecting their marketing and profitability; K Natukunda, D R Kugonza and C C Kyarisiima

  20. Performance and carcass characteristics of goats fed sorghum, straw and ensiled pig manure; J Vargas, M Rubio, F Castrejón, A Trujillo, J Gutiérrez, H Losada, J Rivera and J Cortés (In Spanish)

Short communications

  1. Effect of a culture of “native” micro-organisms, biochar and biodigester effluent on the growth of maize in acid soils; Lylian Rodríguez, Patricia Salazar and T R Preston