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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 9, September 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. A survey on ectoparasites and heamoparasites of free-range indigenous chickens of Northern Tanzania; E S Swai, M Kessy, P Sanka, S Bwanga and J E Kaaya

  2. Cattle farmers’ willingness to establish private grazing lands in Mahalapye, Botswana; O I Oladele and M N Moilwa

  3. Gender participation in commercial poultry production in Karu and Lafia Areas, Nasarawa State, Nigeria; S O Okoh, S A Rahman and H I Ibrahim

  4. Pasture characteristics evolution and herbage intake prediction in semi-arid region of South-east of Algeria; M Chemmam, L Aoun, N Moujahed and C Kayouli (In French)

  5. Effect of multinutrient block on feed digestibility and performance of goats fed maize stover during the dry season in south of Mozambique; O L J Faftine and A M Zanetti

  6. Role of traditional enclosures on the diversity of herbaceous vegetation in a semi-arid rangeland, southern Ethiopia; A Angassa, G Oba, A C Treydte and R B Weladji

  7. Principal component analysis (PCA) of body measurements in local Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus L.) in the Western Highlands of Cameroon; N H Anye, Y Manjeli and A L Ebangi

  8. Effect of rice distillers’ by-product on growth performance and digestibility in Moo Laat and Mong Cai pigs fed rice bran and water spinach; Lotchana Taysayavong and T R Preston

  9. Effects of supplements of water hyacinth and cassava hay on the performance of local “Yellow” cattle fed a basal diet of rice straw; Cheat Sophal, Khieu Borin and T R Preston

  10. A ‘Dream’ pasture and its comparison with two existing annual pasture legumes for Western Australia: a farmers’ eye view; K P Salam,, R Murray-Prior, D Bowran and M U Salam

  11. Characterization of vegetables and fruits potential as ruminant feed by in vitro gas production technique; C Tobias Marino, B Hector, P H Mazza Rodrigues, L M Oliveira Borgatti, P Marques Meyer, E J Alves da Silva and E R Ørskov

  12. Traditional management systems and linear body measurements of Washera sheep in the western highlands of the Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia; Taye Mengistie, Abebe Girma, Gizaw Solomon, Lemma Sisay, Mekoya Abebe and Tibbo Markos

  13. Chemical composition and enzymatic in vitro digestibility of cowpea cultivars and buffalo grass hay grown in Limpopo province of South Africa; K E Ravhuhali, J W Ng’ambi and D Norris

  14. Health management in village poultry in Kalabo and Mongu Districts in the Western Province of Zambia; S Simainga, F Banda, N Sakuya and J C Moreki

  15. Role of duck droppings on pond productivity through fish-duck integrated farming system; S Sasmal, M S Chari and H K Vardia

  16. The male effect on small ruminants. A review; C Meyer and D Djoko Teinkam (In French)

  17. Performance of growing Small East African Goats offered Rhodes grass hay and supplemented with a 1:1 mixture of Maerua angolensis: Zizyphus mucronata leaf browse; J O Ondiek, S A Abdulrazak and E N Njoka

  18. Effect of polyherbal preparation on the lipid profile of egg yolk in various genotypes of poultry; C Mahajan, B S Gehlaut, M A Quadri, A Gupta and R Tiwari

  19. Growth of earthworms (Perionyx excavatus) on cattle or buffalo manure with or without water hyacinth; Nguyen Huu Yen Nhi, T R Preston, Brian Ogle and Torbjorn Lundh