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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 7, July 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effect of tannins on in vitro ruminal protein degradability of various tree forages; A Sahoo, B Singh and T K Bhat

  2. Participatory rural appraisal investigation on beekeeping in Arsi Negelle and Shashemene districts of West Arsi zone of Oromia, Ethiopia; Arse Gebeyehu, Tesfaye Kebede, Sebsibe Zuber, Tekalign Gutu, Gurmessa Umeta, Tesfaye Lemma and Feyisa Hundessa

  3. Study of the diversity of local cattle raising systems in the El-Tarf area, Algeria; A Bousbia, F Ghozlane, H Yakhlef and M Benidir (In French)

  4. A farm economic analysis in different dairy production systems in Bangladesh; M M Uddin, M N Sultana, O A Ndambi, T Hemme and K J Peters

  5. Ovarian activity of Bos indicus (zebu) cows in northeastern Nigeria; V A Maina, N A Furo and J Y Adamu

  6. Pastoral chicken production trends: the case of Mashuru and Loitoktok Divisions in Kajiado district, Kenya; E Cheptarus Kirwa, E N Muthiani and A J N Ndathi

  7. Effect of yeast culture supplementation on nutrient utilization in Graded Murrah buffalo bull calves; D Srinivas Kumar, J Rama Prasad, E Raghava Rao and K Sarjan Rao

  8. Small ruminant producers’ training needs and factors discouraging participation in agricultural education/training programs; E D Lioutas, I Tzimitra-Kalogianni and C Charatsari

  9. Biomass production and chemical composition of Macroptilium lathyroides (L.) Urb. subjected to different levels of sheep manure in Lower Basin of San Francisco; P A S Vieira, C Mistura, L G R Pereira, T C de Souza and D L Dourado (In Portuguese)

  10. Use of spineless cactus as a basal food for dairy goats: impacts on milk production and kid’s growth; N Atti, O Maamouri, H Hajji and M Mahouachi (In French)

  11. Duckweed based bio-remediation of village ponds: An ecologically and economically viable integrated approach for rural development through aquaculture; M D Ansal, A Dhawan and V I Kaur

  12. Effects of training and facilitation of farmers in Uganda on livestock development; A Ampaire and M F Rothschild

  13. Genetic characterization of the Colombian buffalo; P A Ángel Marín, A Eunery Montoya A, E Martínez, H Cardona Cadavid , M Moreno Ochoa and M F Cerón-Muñoz (In Spanish)

  14. Land use/Cover dynamics and its implications since the 1960s in the Borana rangelands of Southern Ethiopia; Getachew Haile, Mohammed Assen and Abule Ebro

  15. Performance of exotic and indigenous poultry breeds managed by smallholder farmers in northern Ethiopia; Abraham Lemlem and Yayneshet Tesfay

  16. Effects of incorporating of Trifolium alexandrinum L. and Avena sativa L. in the ration on growth performance and carcass characteristics of kits; T Hedhly, M Kamoun, D Miladi, B Rekik, S Ouerghi, L Tayachi and R Bergaoui (In French)

  17. Knowledge and perceptions of traditional livestock keepers on tick-borne diseases and sero-prevalence of Theileria parva around Lake Victoria Basin; S W Chenyambuga, C Waiswa, M Saimo, P Ngumi and P S Gwakisa