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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 3, March 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Ensiling wild sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) leaves with sugar cane molasses; A O Fasuyi, F A S Dairo and F J Ibitayo

  2. Effect of sun-dried and fresh cassava leaves on growth of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fish fed basal diets of rice bran or rice bran mixed with cassava root meal; Ty Chhay, Khieu Borin, Noy Sopharith, T R Preston and Tin Maung Aye

  3. Effect of fresh mulberry leaves and sweet potato vines on growth performance of pigs fed a basal diet of broken rice; Chiv Phiny, T R Preston and Khieu Borin

  4. Effect of cassava hay supplementation on milk production in lactating goats; Ngo Tien Dung, Dinh Van Binh, Nguyen Thi Mui and T R Preston

  5. Village poultry production in Serowe-Palapye sub-district of Botswana; J C Moreki

  6. Genetic characterization of three ovine breeds in Tunisia using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA markers; Z Khaldi, B Rekik, B Haddad, L Zourgui and S Souid

  7. Observation on major welfare problems of equine in Meskan district, Southern Ethiopia; Solomon Mekuria and Rahmeto Abebe

  8. Bioconversion of peanut husk with white rot fungi: Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus pulmonarius; A Akinfemi

  9. An analysis of factors affecting smallholder mixed farming activities, performance and interactions in Wundanyi location, Taita district, Kenya; P M Mwanyumba, R G Wahome, A Mwang’ombe, E Lenihan and M S Badamana

  10. Influence of date waste supplementation of ewes in late gestation on the performance during lactation; L Boudechiche, A Araba and R Ouzrout (In French)

  11. Hair pulling in confined sheep fed a finely ground ration: case report; N P Chiezey

  12. Effect of genotype on the morphometric differentiation of the reproductive organs and sperm reserves in the Nigerian local chicken; U K Oke and C Ihemeson

  13. Indigenous knowledge (IK) ranking of available browse and grass species and some shrubs used in medicinal and ethno-veterinary practices in ruminant livestock production in Limpopo province, South Africa; M M Matlebyane, J W W Ng’ambi and E M Aregheore

  14. The role of village poultry in food security and HIV/AIDS mitigation in Chobe District of Botswana; J C Moreki, R Dikeme and B Poroga

  15. Modeling the influence of existing feeding strategies on performance of grade dairy cattle in Vihiga, Kenya; P M Ongadi, R G Wahome, J W Wakhungu and L O Okitoi

  16. Performance of crossbred calves raised on different dietary treatments under smallholder dairy farm conditions; H L N Lyimo, G H Laswai, L A Mtenga, A E Kimambo, D M Mgheni, T Hvelplund, M R Weisbjerg and J Madsen

  17. Potential use of larval diet disposal from Medfly mass-rearing as alternative livestock feed; T Mastrangelo, J Silva, A L Abdalla, M R Peçanha and J M Melges Walder

  18. Effects on sow reproduction and piglet performance of replacing soybean meal by a mixture of sweet potato leaves, water spinach and fresh cassava foliage in the diets of Mong Cai and Yorkshire sows; Hoang Nghia Duyet, Truong Thi Thuan and Nguyen Duc Son

  19. A dynamic study of smallholder mixed farms in Wundanyi location, Taita district, Kenya: activities, performance and interactions; P M Mwanyumba, R G Wahome , A Mwang’ombe, E Lenihan and M S Badamana

  20. Reproductive performance and efficiency of artificial insemination smallholder dairy cows/heifers in and around Arsi-Negelle, Ethiopia; T Mekonnen, M Bekana and T Abayneh

  21. In vitro gas production by fodder shrubs from the north of Tunisia; H Selmi, A Gasmi-Boubaker, R Mosquera-Losada, B Rekik, A Ben Gara, A Ben Mahmoud, A Rigueiro- Rodríguez and H Rouissi (In French)