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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 12, December 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Physical egg quality characteristics of free-range local chickens in Morogoro municipality, Tanzania; H E Nonga, F F Kajuna, H A Ngowi and E D Karimuribo

  2. Distribution pattern and management practices of cross bred dairy cows in cooperative dairy production system in Bangladesh; K M A Islam, M M Uddin, M N Sultana, M Assaduzzaman and M N Islam

  3. The dairy bovine breeding situation in the region of Guerrara (Northern Algerian Sahara); A Senoussi, L Haïli and H A B Maïz (In French)

  4. Further considerations of the potential of nitrate as a high affinity electron acceptor to lower enteric methane production in ruminants; R A Leng and T R Preston

  5. Effect of formulated feeds on the growth and water quality of fresh water prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) farming: A case study from Gangetic Delta; R Ghosh, K Banerjee, S Homechaudhuri and A Mitra

  6. Egg production performance of first and second filial generation naked neck (NaNa, Nana) and normal feathered (nana) birds of a cross between indigenous naked neck (NaNa, Nana) males and exotic commercial females (nana); K Adomako, J K Hagan and O S Olympio

  7. Economic analysis of animal disease control inputs at farm level: the case of trypanocide use in villages under risk of drug resistance in West Africa; H D Affognon, T F Randolph and H Waibel

  8. Feed selection and growth performance of local chickens offered different carbohydrate sources in fresh and dried form supplemented with protein-rich forages; Kong Saroeun, Brian Ogle, T R Preston and Khieu Borin

  9. Relationships of ration formulation objectives among feed millers, dairy farmers, and feed policy regulators in Nakuru district-Kenya; S M Mutua, A Y Guliye, B O Bebe and A K Kahi

  10. Effect of stocking densities and feed supplements on the growth performance of tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) raised in ponds and in the paddy field; Sen Sorphea, Torbjorn Lundh, T R Preston and Khieu Borin

  11. Identification of X-chromatin and determination of its incidence in Nigerian goat breeds; J C Okonkwo, I S Omeje and U N Egu

  12. Livestock feed resources utilization and management as influenced by altitude in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia; Ahmed Hassen, Abule Ebro, Mohammed Kurtu and A C Treydte

  13. Study on strongyles and parascaris parasites population in working donkeys of central Shoa, Ethiopia; G Ayele and A Dinka

  14. Effect of feeding urea treated wheat straw based diet on biological performances and economic benefits of lactating Boran-Friesian crossbred dairy cows; Rehrahie Mesfin and Getu Ktaw

  15. Utilization of smallstock package of Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development Support Scheme, Botswana; J C Moreki, M Thutwa, O Koloka, K Ntesang and T Ipatleng