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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 22, Number 1, January 2010
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Effects of ensiling potato hash with either whey or sugarcane molasses on silage quality and nutrient digestibility in sheep; B D Nkosi, R Meeske and I B Groenewald

  2. Incubation of Japanese quail eggs stored at tropical temperatures; J M Romao, T G V Moraes, E E Silva, R S C Teixeira and W M Cardoso

  3. Incubation performance of meat type Italian quails in egg laying onset; J M Romao, T G V Moraes, W M Cardoso, R S C Teixeira, A A Siqueira, E E Silva and C C Buxadé

  4. Bull selection and use for improved performance in pastoral herds of Tanzania; I P B Kashoma, C Luziga and F O K Mgongo

  5. Livestock-rangeland management practices and community perceptions towards rangeland degradation in South Omo zone of Southern Ethiopia; Terefe Admasu, Ebro Abule and Zewedu Tessema

  6. Sheep management systems in small farms in the Fahs region (Tunisia): Diagnostic and analysis; H Selmi, B Rekik, A Dkhil, A Ben Gara, M Hammami, S Hammami and H Rouissi (In French)

  7. A note on a DNA polymorphism study of leptin gene in Sahiwal and crossbred cattle using PCR-RFLP technique; A Dandapat, D Kumar, A K Ghosh and V Umapathi

  8. In sacco probiotic properties of effective microorganisms (EM) in forage degradability; M Syomiti, M Wanyoike, R G Wahome and J K N Kuria

  9. A note on the effect of supplementing rangeland grazing with Acacia angustissima mixed with pearl millet on growth performance of goats in a smallholder farming area in Zimbabwe; L Mukandiwa, P H Mugabe, T E Halimani and H Hamudikuwanda

  10. Gasification of fibrous crop residues and live stock production; essential elements in establishing carbon-negative farming systems; Lylian Rodríguez and T R Preston

  11. Heterosis and reciprocal effects of growth performances in F1 crosses generations of Local x Hubbard chicken in the Western Highlands of Cameroon; T C Keambou, Y Manjeli, B Boukila, S Mboumba, T Mezui Mezui and B A Hako Touko

  12. Effects of moringa and bamboo leaves on groundnut hay utilization by West African Dwarf goats; V O Asaolu , S M Odeyinka, O O Akinbamijo and F G Sodeinde

  13. Mineral composition of willow and poplar leaves of nutritional interest for cattle in silvopastoral systems at the delta of Parana River, Argentina; N E Carou, E De Loof, E Casaubón, A González and M E Dallorso (In Spanish)

  14. Effect of the addition of yeast «Saccharomyces cervisiae» (BIOSAF Sc. 47) in the concentrate on growth performance and carcass quality of Sicilo-Sarde lambs; H Selmi, B K Manel, B Rekik, A Ben Gara, M Hammami and H Rouissi (In French)

  15. Morfometrics of some digestive organs of pigs fed diets of cereals, sugar cane B molasses and royal palm nuts; M Macías, C Díaz, H Domínguez and J Ly (In Spanish)

  16. Dairy goat production practices in Kenya: Implications for a breeding programme; T D O Ogola, W K Nguyo and I S Kosgey

  17. The relative feeding value of cereal straw treated with urea or ammonia; S Triki, N E Benmessaoud and F Ghozlane (In French)

  18. Preliminary survey on equine trypanosomosis and its vectors in Asosa and Homosha districts in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, northwest Ethiopia; R Abebe and A Wolde

  19. Effect of different levels of nitrogen fertilisation on yield and chemical composition of Brachiaria ruziziensis at bolting in West Cameroon; F Tendonkeng, B Boukila, Etienne T Pamo, A V Mboko and J Tchoumboué (In French)

  20. Studies on the udder and teat morphology and their relationship with milk yield in Murrah buffaloes; R M V Prasad, K Sudhakar, E Raghava Rao, B Ramesh Gupta and M Mahender

  21. Effect of potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar supplementation in drinking water on performance, carcass yield and body temperature of broilers reared under high ambient temperature; H Ain Baziz, Y Dahmani , L Bedrani, N Mokrani, H Boudina and S Temim (In French)