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Livestock Research for Rural Development, Volume 20, Number 8, August 2008
ISSN 0121-3784



  1. Modeling for adjustment of lactation curves using linear function, nonlinear and segmented polynomials in high grade Brown Swiss cattle; R Aspilcueta Borquis, M Muñoz Berrocal, H Tonhati, Roberta Cristina Sesana and Naudin Hurtado-Lugo (In Spanish)

  2. Processing and properties of Sudanese white cheese (Gibna Bayda) in small-scale cheese units in South and West Darfur states (Sudan); O I A Hamid and O A O El Owni

  3. Comparison of body weight gain performance and carcass characteristics of the two Ethiopian cattle breeds under natural pasture grazing management; Mohammed Negash, Tesfaye Lemma, Takele Feyera, Hailu Dadi, Tatek Woldu, Tesfaye Alemu and Birhanu Shilima

  4. Wool characteristics of Libyan Barbary sheep in north-eastern Libya: I. fiber diameter and staple length; F Akraim, I S Milad, A A Abdulkarim and M Ganem

  5. Effect of live weight at slaughter on the carcass characteristics of intensively fattened Martinik sheep fed sugar cane supplemented with pea flour; G Alexandre, O Coppry, Bocage, J Fleury and H Archimède

  6. The effect of feeding liquid sweet whey on growth performances of calves fed straw based diet; M Ben Salem and M Fraj (In French)

  7. South African indigenous goat milk: a potential alternative source of macro-nutrients for poverty-stricken rural areas; V M Mmbengwa, J N Ramalivhana, M Gundidza, M D Fair, J E J du Toit and J P C Greyling

  8. Relation between growth rate and lactation curves in dairy breed types from different agro ecological zones in Costa Rica; B Vargas and J Ulloa (In Spanish)

  9. Use of polynomials targeted for the study of lactation curves of Murrah buffaloes and their crossses in a semi-intensive production system in Sao Paulo state; M Muñoz Berrocal, R Aspilcueta Borquis, N Hurtado-Lugo and H Tonhati (In Portuguese)

  10. Prediction of apparent digestibility of hays from natural pastures of the Northeast region of Portugal; L C Galvão, C M Guedes, M A M Rodrigues, S R Silva, R C Valentim, O C Moreira, J R Ribeiro and C A Sequeira

  11. Growth performance of grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus) eating leaf and stem fractions of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum); S Y Annor, J K Kagya-Agyemang, J E Y Abbam, S K Oppong and I M Agoe

  12. Growth, carcass and organ weights of finisher broilers fed differently processed Detarium microcarpum (Guill and Sperr) seed meal; C O Obun, O A Olafadehan, B A Ayanwale and M Inuwa

  13. A study of fermentation in the rumen of one-humped camel “Maghrébi” fed high fibre roughages; H Rouissi, B Rekik and A Ben Gara (In French)

  14. Village chicken characteristics and their seasonal production situation in Jamma District, South Wollo, Ethiopia; Mammo Mengesha, Berhan Tamir and Tadelle Dessie

  15. Impact of improved chicken production on intra-household decision-making among fisherfolks in the Kainji Lake Basin, Nigeria; A O Lawal and O A Adekunle

  16. On farm assessment of nutritional status of lactating cattle and buffaloes in urban, periurban and rural areas of Middle Gangetic Plains; V K Singh, P Singh, A K Verma and U R Mehra

  17. The effect of urea addition on the preservation of low dry matter oat-vetch silages; C M Guedes, M A M Rodrigues, L F Ala, L M Ferreira, S R Silva and V P Carnide

  18. Phenotypic relationships among somatic cell count, milk urea content, test-day milk yield and protein percent in dairy cattle; E Z M Oudah

  19. Estimation of heritability and repeatability for maternal and milk production traits in New Zealand white rabbits raised in hot climate conditions; M M Iraqi